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10-20-2002, 09:41 PM
Ok folks,

I have some stuff I'd like to get rid of, and a few things that I'm looking for, I'm willing to buy, sell, or (preferably) trade the items.

I HAVE the following items:
-- A 120mhz 604 processor out of an 8500/120
** GONE **A PCI 'PC compatibility card' pulled from an 8500/120. I believe it has a Pentium at 100mhz or so on it, no additional ram or VRAM onboard.
-- An external SCSI Syquest 270mb drive and a handful of disks.
-- A G3 266mhz zif pulled from a Beige G3
-- An UltraWide Scsi 68pin 22GB Seagate harddrive. This is a HUGE drive. Physically. It is a full height, 5 1/4" drive. Imagine two CD-ROM drives stacked on top of each other, and that is about right. It is also heavy as a mofo. If you have a case that will hold this monster, it could be a great deal, because its a large capacity, high performance drive. I simply don't have the case room for it right now however!
-- A parallel port Lexar Smartmedia card reader. It works fine, but I don't have any computers with parallel ports anymore.

Things I WANT:
-- Rev B. or Rev C. rom for a Beige G3.
-- Ram for an 8100. I just set mine up as a YDLinux server, but it needs ram.
-- Smallish 50-pin scsi harddrives. Things around 1-2GB. If you have two or three of the exact same drive, thats even better because I can run a small RAID array.
-- G3 upgrade card for an 8100. I don't need the video passthrough stuff because I'm only using the onboard video (actually, the server is running headless right now, so I'm not even using that!).
-- VRAM for an 8500. I'm about to give it to my little brother, but it really needs more VRAM, it has 2MB in it right now, and it would be nice to push it up to 4mb.

Anyway, if anyone wants to sell, buy or barter with me, I'd love to hear from you. I'd prefer to not deal through ebay, but I'd consider it if thats the only option.

Email me at: ley@cowboysofjustice.com


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