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03-26-2002, 12:39 PM
OK this scanner is flakey but it does work in Mac OS 9. It does not work or even show up under the Apple System Profiler in 10.1.2

This is the only device on the SCSI chain. The MilesBNote does show up on the ASP and it appears to have the firmware update for X, but I am unable to confirm this due to lack of information. The firmware should be v 1.3

VueScan does support this since its a Umax SCSI scanner. I am not familar with VueScan so maybe I am missing something. I wish it had an option to search for the scanner - with options for SCSI, USB and Firewire of course. The VueScan software seems to work but it also seems fairly stupid. I guess I am looking for an option similar in iTunes and Toast where it can search for devices on various buses and you can force it to research the buses. I have seen cases where things dont come up (or dont come up right) in the ASP, but iTunes or Toast is able to find them fine (maybe independent of the OS to some degree).

This is a very old scanner but I would like to get it working under X since that is my preferred OS. The scanner has enough resolution and speed for my current and future needs so I hate to thrown it away and write up a new justification for a new scanner - even though it would only cost around $100. Also we have a couple more of these old type scanners and we are looking at moving 25 Macs to X in the near future so if VueScan is the software to use - I want to know. Any ideas?


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03-26-2002, 01:25 PM
Dragon-X - I've seen Umax 6400 (FW) for $59 on Deal-Mac. I use VueScan for 6400 model. VueScan's recent version is a HUGE step from where it was six months ago. There is a list on Ed's site of supported models. If you enable logging in VueScan, that may help diagnose what VueScan is doing.

ASP: Apple posted a beta to ADC back in Nov 2001 which I use. Odd that it isn't updated in 10.1.2+ though. Does a better job. You can also just use Terminal and type "ApplesSystemProfiler" and get text output.

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