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03-17-2002, 07:54 PM
Any word on if apple has OS X working on the above?
Has OS X increased browsing speed and efficency, compared to 8.6 or 9.1?

I'm waiting for main stream apps, like photoshop, to work well, and be upgraded to OS X, not to mention programs like rambunctious, SoftRaid, etc.

How's it going on that front?


03-17-2002, 08:35 PM
OS X 'works' with the beige G3 Macs. There can be issues. I had an 'issue' installing X on a nearly stock beige (REV B, I think) system. It had an extra Quantum HD (pulled from another BeigeG3) and 256MB extra RAM (256MB+32MB total) and an ix3D 8MB TT video card. It would not install - but I did not try that hard. I was able to install X beta on a almost stock beige- it has 64MB RAM (32MB was stock). It worked OK. A apple consultant I know was able to install on his beige by removing ALL of his upgrades - RAM, PCI, etc... and I think he put a converter on the stock video to fool OS X. I think Ryan Rimpel has figured out a way around this (maybe just for th vintage macs?)

It looks like the beige might fall in the 'grey' area - but you could check this out: http://eshop.macsales.com/OSXCenter/

X definately has some NICE features that can help productivity. You will not need or want anything like RAMBUNCTIONs for X. It has its own memroy manager and runs very nicely. You can also check on apps and the memory they use via the command line - just type, "TOP".

I am waiting for SoftRAID for X too. Apple does have their own limited built-in RAID support. I have not used it since I do not have two identical and free drives. SoftRAID does a lot of testing before they release something. I think with the release of 10.1 they working hard on getting super stable RAID drivers out for X and integrating it well (like they have for classic). One big plus with X is you get ALL the disk I/O your system can handle. Even without RAID things are fairly fast. It hardly takes up any CPU time and its not easy to bog down.

Just about all of the Adobe software is native to X now. Photoshop 7 should ship in a few weeks. Illustrator is already there and so is InDesign and Acrobat Reader. Distiller is not there yet, but BUILT-INTO OS X you can create a simple PDF file with ANY file you can print. Its pretty cool and really reduces the need for Acrobat distiller. Also I was at a Corel demo for X and their software is looking pretty damn good. For about $400 for the their set of software its a pretty good deal and much cheaper than Adobe. It also seems to be fully compatible with the Adobe software - but I am not 100% sure its up to day with Photoshop 6, 7 and Illustrator 10, etc..

I have not had a chance to check out any Font software yet. The supporting architecture for fonts in X is much better than in 9 though. I do have a copy of Font Reserve. Hopefully I will have a chance to test that out this week.
I would think you would want the following to have X run well on your system.
PCI ATI RAGE128 16MB for better
1280x1024 resolution (1024x768 bare minimum)
512MB RAM or more (RAM is still cheap!)
40GB, 7200RPM IDE/ATA drive
5GB (or greater) partition for X
5GB (or greater) partition for 9
Data/Scratch partition

These options below are nice but not necessary
Dual Display (the RADEON 7000 can do this - check for support)
PCI IDE/ATA 66 (or faster) controller

Firewire support in X is much better. Video can be a little slow - but you get the advanced PDF (Quartz) display format - this is a HUGE plus for design an content people. Also if you have two video cards running the 'unaccelerated one' can slow the other one down. 512MB might sound like a lot but X and really use the RAM, esp if you are going into classic mode. It also have a very good memory manager (VM) and will use the HD when necessary which is why its good to have a fast, large HD. My 5GB X boot parition only has 1.2GB left and I reallly do not store much on it. It did go down to 24MB http://www.macgurus.com/ubb/eek.gif

I have run X on the following systems
Yosemite G3/500, 640MB RAM, dual RADEON PCI, 20GB HD
Sawtooth G4/466, 384MB RAM, RAGE128 AGP, 30GB HD
Pismo G3/400, 384MB RAM, RAGE128 Mobility, 6GB HD
QuickSilver G4/867, 768MB RAM, GeForce3 & RADEON PCI, 60GBx2 HD

10.1 runs well on all of these - except maybe that my Pismo drive is very small - and I even partitioned into 3GB partitions. Most the SCSI cards have drivers for X out now. I only am running an OEM Adaptec 2940U2b in my Yose. It has a single 36GB 10K Cheetah attached. When SoftRAID X comes out I plan on adding several RAIDs externally via my BURLY BOX http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

Everyone is also waiting for DiskWarrior X, Norton X, TechTool Pro x, etc... Looks like Norton has a 'beta' and they seem to have a DW lite included.

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