View Full Version : One Year Anniversary weigh-in

03-16-2002, 02:06 PM
Just to weigh in, now that OS X 10 will be one year old in a week.

I download Mozilla almost daily.
Same with OmniWeb public beta SNEAKY PEEKs ( ).
Removed IE.

I'd like to see OmniWeb 4.1 on a supplemental OS X CD or installed as part of the basic Easy Install. I don't know if that can be 10.2 or not.

I know there continue to be new tools, new documentation from Apple to further development of OS X applications. OS X has been shipping, is the 'default' OS, AND has had its bugs. But the recent Performance Tools help to track application processes, threads, memory leak detection, how best to write and optimize code.

With Apple software updates, I wait. Let others give it a shot and wait two days, and then only on a backup system. At one point I think OmniWeb crashes led to problems in the volume structure, can't be sure, but then the OS was not perfect. Seems I no longer need Disk Warrior and Norton (as much).

Drives formatted in OS X 10.1 had trouble mounting or being recognized under 9.1 (but maybe not 9.2.1) and I was never sure if it was me, my hardware, ExpressStripe, or why. And they would not show up when moved to a 7300 unless there was only one drive.

As a programmer I hated being told I had to stop development, freeze the code, document what I did, because it was AFTER I had a working application that I could then really improve and tweak the features and add better functionality. Stuff I and we didn't see before we began.

With Norton, SoftRAID, Disk Warrior and other native applications coming out A YEAR since OS X debut - maybe everyone is looking at this point, March 24th, as one year anniversary to announce or ship products users have been clamoring for.
just to stay in business while development goes on and you aren't selling much, your Cocoa developers are clamoring for tools, faster hardware, documentation, and learning, i'll bet its been a long learn year for some.

And, as one site recently asked (MacOSX Hints?), at what point if ever will Apple ship OS X without Classic? or without the ability to boot and run OS 9? A year?