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03-02-2002, 08:13 AM
Recently, I put an OEM Rage128 into my 8500 to run OS X with. All of the games run fast and take advantage of the card, but OS X is still sluggish. If anything, my OS X performance deproved with the installation of the card. The iTunes visuals have appeared to have done the same thing; I can hardly break 10 FPS with minimum settings.

Here is my set-up:
XLR8 MACh Carrier G3 500 Mhz
320 MB RAM
10 GB Seagate Cheetah LVD 10K RPM
OEM Rage128 16 MB
USB Card

A few notes:
I have to trick the computer into thinking it has a monitor plugged into the onboard video... Could this affect aqua performance?

The main monitor is set to 1024x768, millions of colors. The "trick" monitor is arranged to the bottom left and set to 640x480, thousands of colors.

I'm assuming XLR8 MACh Speed Control 2.6.1 (OS X) enables the lvl2 cache on my machine. Do I need different software to accomplish this?

I know that OS X will not run perfectly; however, it is very under average for my system specs. Scrolling is ultra-slow and resizing or minimizing windows is a laughing matter. It is easily outperformed by my iBook (Dual USB 500) and my iMac (DV 400).

Could it be that some drivers/extensions are missing? Or that the Quartz/OpenGL renderer was switched off? I had 10.1.2 installed before I had the card... I just shut down, installed it, and powered on. Did I skip a step?

Again, the games under OS X run fine. I've already tried Unreal Tournament Preview 2 and Red Faction OS X 1.2. I'm able to run 800x600 32-bit color fairly well. So, what could the problem be?


03-02-2002, 04:38 PM
I have run X on a variety of systems and have noticed the following-
1) 10.1 is definately faster, but AQUA can still slow things down.

2) Display cards older than the RAGE128 (or ones that are not supported) should NOT be used. This REALLY slows down AQUA, even on new machines.

3) For general finder responsiveness, I have found my G4/466 Sawtooth, G4/867 QuickSilver and G3/500 Yosemite to be roughly equal. My PismoG3/400 is a tad slower, but still runs well. These all have RAGE128, or RADEON graphics cards.

4) Running dual displays seems to slow AQUA down a little. I have noticed this on other G4/867QS systems with a single (often smaller) display. Sometimes they even have less RAM! Its possible though that some tweaks were added... since these were DEMO systems and one even had a beta of PS7 (so they must be hardcore Mac tekkies right?).

5) Get AS MUCH RAM AS YOU CAN - My main system has 768MB, my work system has 384MB and I would like for it to have more. Your system is much older... so I would think you should have 512MB minimum. I think 384MB is my personal minimum for X on a new system.

6) File I/O should be outstanding in X. This is one area where X REALLY shines. Anytime I have a large file transfer to do, I switch to X if I can (if I am not already in it). How is your file I/O?

7) UT PRV2x is great (mostly) and runs about as fast as it does in 9. I have not really had any time to play any other games in X and UT is really my game for now. In X 3D is purely OpenGL. So what you are seeing is that OpenGL is fully accelerated. 2D is AQUA and is a display PDF type formate (vector graphics vs. bitmapped) which is why it can do all that PHREAK stuff on the fly (transparencies, shading, etc...) It also has much better support for fonts: trueType, PostScript and OpenType. And you can create simple PDF files easily.

Some things that you can do to help -
1) Turn off DOC Magnification
2) Set minimize to SCALE EFFECT

I am sure there are many other tweaks, but these are simple and they do help - esp for older systems. System 10 is very new and it will take some time before we figure out all the ins&outs.

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03-03-2002, 06:56 PM
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