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02-24-2002, 08:32 PM
All was running well on my 8500 with 10.1, until I tried to upgrade some stuff today. I installed 10.1.3 via software update. The computer rebooted and worked fine. I then checked software update again and found that a new version of iTunes was available, so I downloaded that. I restarted after iTunes was finished, and received a kernal panic. I'm running 9.1 off of a secondary HD, and I tried to boot from 10 via XPostFacto. I even tried reinstalling the necessary extensions. The kernal panic said this on the top line: could not find drivers: APPL, 8500.

Did iTunes really cause this problem???

02-24-2002, 09:03 PM
A lot of users seem to be reporting issues with 10.1.3 and these are mostly only supported system - IIRC. I have seen iTunes cause issues in X, but I think it was the original iTunes and then the first upgrade to 2.0 that caused the most issues.

I wonder what 10.1.3 changes?

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02-26-2002, 04:12 PM
Download CarbonCopy Cloner so you can quickly backup and create a bootable OS X system (ideally on another drive) before applying these updates.

I stay away from the "ixxxx" stuff like iTunes and iPhoto for now even on B&W machine. On my 7300 I get an "APPL,7500" that shows in verbose mode if I try to install 10.1, even with Ryan's UU tool 2.11.

The SU seems to be less reliable, esp. with this 10.1.3. I grabbed the combined 10.1 -> 10.1.3 and use that. It can also fix some errors. And there are some little terminal commands and scripts to clean things up. CCC (which uses 'ditto') is fast and handy. If there is room on your 9.1 secondary, I'd put a clone of X there too. (as long as its scsi or not slave ATA).