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02-01-2002, 05:30 PM
I was unable to download the details but a class action suit was filed in Calif alleging Apple has violated the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act by not supporting certain G3-equipped models of Mac systems with the same features in Mac OS X afforded to more recently developed G4-based systems.

Looks like the Beige G3 issues might come home to roost.


02-01-2002, 11:24 PM
I sure hope this will finally get Apple to include support for internal floppy drives and for those RCA/S-Video A/V jacks in the back of the A/V beiges.

02-02-2002, 10:09 PM
I think this lawsuit it the right thing to do. We really need to kick the crap out of Apple to make sure that X is not ONLY bulletproof but feature rich and supportive.

From what I have read Apple released an official statement in '98 that indicated X would be fully optimzed for the G3. Now anyone with a clue realizes this is an Old Testament and who knows maybe it was only Rhapsody Apple was talking about?

Still it is a fact that the BeigeG3 systems are not supported. They are in beta support at best. No floppy - BFD - nobody should give any thought to this, but I could see people being upset that they now have to buy a USB card ($30) and a USB floppy drive ($50) to get what they had before the upgrade.

The stock video (even at 6MB) sucks in any version of X.
The RADEON 7K does not work on a beigeG3 in X. (this is a new card - but it still shows ATI's inabilty to every deliver anything from the get go - of course this is the industry 'standard' so nobody should be suprised).
Hardware DVD/Mpeg2 acceleration does not work on the BeigeG3 or B&WG3.

Of course Apple is only charging $130 for BOTH 9.x and 10.x so you do get a good deal here. This is an age old problem though- over promising and under delivering. Apple is probably the best at delivering mature solutions that work eligantly and powerfully but the are not perfect. Apple can and should do better.

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