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01-20-2002, 11:39 AM
Here is the system - Lombard 333, 320 MB, all stock, dual boot 9.2.2/10.1.2. Had been running fairly well, with only 4-5 crashes per day, until now. Tried to load iphoto - hard crash - force restart, now crashes either on 10.1.2 boot or after attempting to open just about any application within 10.1.2. If the 10.1.2 installer disk can't repair it, then what. what 10.1.2 disk utility would you recommend next to try and diagnose and FIX the problem.

01-20-2002, 12:53 PM
OK - All is NOT well if Mac OS 10.1.2 is crashing 4 to 5 times a day. You may have apps crash in the OS, but it should NOT affect the OS itself. Even 9.2.2 should not crash that much - you can still have apps crash and not affect (noticably) the OS.

Mac OS X does not deal with hard crashes as well as classic did. This IS a Unix feature. Since most unix based systems do not crash for years (The OS or kernal anyway) the average joe is fine.

Is Mac OS X & 9 on separate partitions?
Are you running with the stock HD?
Can you boot into any OS with the internal drive?

DiskWarrior (latest version) should be able to help fix the disk. You have to run it from 9 - and I have never tried this so I do not know how good it is. I think Norton 6 may be able to help, but again I have never tried this and remember what happend when Apple went to HFS+ in the Norton 4.0 days http://www.macgurus.com/ubb/eek.gif

Is there even a clean install option for system 10?

My PISMO PBG3/400 has had very few issues and I have two dinky 3GB partitions - one for 10.1 & 9.2 and the other is just 9.1

I guess that is not much help - I am sure someone else will be around.

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01-20-2002, 06:17 PM
I would suspect memory as one area. I think there were long threads on xlr8yourmac bbs and MacFixit forums just on issues with Lombard owners.

I'd put OS X on 3-4GB volume first, Classic 9.2.1 on 2nd, data on 3rd. Alias the folders in /user/myname to folders on /Data and the only files on your OS X of your own are your Library directory if you have to start over.

OS X CD for Disk Utility. Disk Warrior and Norton work fine, but I only use Norton after DW, and Norton can find major problems DW will not. Run DW again. Works fine and had to do it a couple times.

You do need to run fsck -y at startup (boot and hold down Command + S) and run it until it doesn't find a problem, then type "reboot" and it will kill all processes and restart (rather than continue booting which isn't as reliable after changes).

If you find InodeTEMP files in the ".hfs private data" folder that is a result of directory changes not being written out but they are needed it seems).

I do a clean install (from full 10.1 CD) with each major update like 10.1.2.

OmniWeb crashes did use to cause problems and damage, even to itself. The latest sneakypeak seems the best. I've never had IE crash but I do have to click on the Finder desktop when I see a beachball and want to regain control.

I hope that Alsoft announces an OS X version for people to buy now and get a free upgrade - but DW has been essential #1 utility and very safe.