View Full Version : Drive 10 or Disk Warrior & OS X RAID

11-28-2001, 07:08 PM
someone commented that the updated Drive 10 (1.03) hosed their OS X RAID setup...

Q&A folks, what is this? Warning, still in beta-spin on all this stuff.

FWB Backup Toolkit 3.03 seems to do a good job backing up under X but its really hard to know who to trust. Doesn't a good backup strategy come first?? - I mean any developer worth their salt is going to be wiping drives, backing up, etc. and unless a command line saint, its been near impossible to do up until now.

So how much testing goes into Apple's RAID? into FWB's BKUT? and how many users are out there trusting their data to Drive 10, RAID under X, etc? Not many I'd bet.

I look forward to seeing this stuff getting rock solid, but I think we've been led to believe in over-optimistic schedules. Or how "e-a-s-y" its going to be (but not if you check in on the Darwin lists it seems). Its a work-in-progress and learn-as-you-go/grow.

Disk Warrior has never led me to distrust it. If Drive 10's Volume Struture was as good or better (unlikely, TechTool Pro 3.05 has had its share of issues crop up) - having Alsoft port a Disk Warrior native program would be nice... but I haven't heard a rumor even that they are planning to do so. And OS X RAID isn't mountable in OS 9. So we NEED native utilities (or Apple's got that based covered and save your money and skip Drive 10).


11-28-2001, 10:37 PM
Hey Gregory,
I was perusing the OSX software files at Apple and came across a program that appears to have been around for a while but which I had never heard of. SwitchBack. http://webnz.com/glendower/switchback.html

This program is $30 shareware with great ratings from all the big mac sites. It will mirror any folder(s) between your hard drive and another on your computer, on another computer over the LAN and even over the internet. OS9 and 10 native. This will merge files for those with powerbooks who want back-ups and current files on the laptop and a desktop.

Most of us on the forum have older computers as spares/backups/toys etc. I am thinking that I will turn one of mine into a cheap backup server with SwitchBack.

I am kinda excited about the possibilities. I'd like to know if anyone has experience with the program.


11-29-2001, 07:43 AM
Considering I've never heard of this Switchback either... maybe it embeds a WORM in my system? How do I know when it only takes 16k?

Dantz won't have a native Retrospect for months. FWB rushed Backup Toolkit (but it does maintain links and aliases which are a real problem creating a usable OS X backup). I sort of doubt this one as everyone I know is still waiting. Development of workable utilities is HARD.

My main point was that Drive 10 may not be ready to save your disks, at least not Apple OS X RAID.