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10-12-2001, 11:26 AM
When booting X.1 it asks each time what to do with OS X unreadable volumes. Never saw this before (10.04) with mirror and striped volumes. Cancel seems safe. Eject??? SCSI drives and you ask if I want to eject Apple?

However I had to boot from CD and MANUALLY mount the drives. They didn't spin-up on their own. I've made sure that Energy Saver settings are to never spin-down disks but they probably go into low-power sleep mode anyway seeing they never mount.

I decided I didn't want to destroy my RAID or move it to external cases and its going to be couple months most likely before SoftRAID X (Jan?). I tried creating OS X RAID volume but that can't be used under 9.2.1.

With all the complaints about disk corruption under 9.2.1 (I've seen it on SCSI and ATA but only if using Drive Setup 2.0.7) I decided I like IE 5.1.1 and OE 5.02 and to give OS X another try.

Oh, and don't EVER try to initialize a drive with APS PowerTools if it has SoftRAID on it (even w/o any files). It tries to unmount ALL drives/volumes with SoftRAID on it (boot mirror included) even though it recognizes it as Conley_RAID it doesn't understand the volume structures.

Ended up booting X.1 CD and using Disk Utility to erase and install OS 9 driver rather than DS 2.0.7 in OS 9. That seemed the easiest way to install and get byond the APS/SoftRAID issues.

OS X is going to take 10.2 to be complete even though it is much much better today. And for 3rd party driver support. And WHY can't it READ a SoftRAID volume at all??? Or ask what to do???

Yuck. Safe, maybe. Complete, no.


10-12-2001, 02:31 PM
I want you to know how you've ruined my productivity in the last few days. First it was references to Storage Review, I've probably spent 30 or 40 hours reading that site since then, and more to come. Then a refernce to ADC and the info on the boot process. That's a subject that's as exciting as watching grass grow, but reading it explains alot I needed to know.

Now, I also have been looking at the problem with creating a raid that will work with OSX and 9. I look forward to what Softraid has to offer with X but will they try to dual support with OS9?

The hardware raid ATA cards aren't the answer. Might be great for a cheap/fast scratch disk for Photoshop but is not secure enough for the general storage we all want. Only questions, no answers yet.

Are we sure that there is no way to set-up a OSX raid and not mount it in 9? That would be the ideal, and give us the time we need to migrate up to OSX.

Just ramblings,

10-12-2001, 02:52 PM
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>ow, I also have been looking at the problem with creating a raid that will work with OSX and 9. I look forward to what Softraid has to offer with X but will they try to dual support with OS9?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I guess you can put me in your kill file and filter it out... I was trying to save someone from dead ends. I'd say wait, Mark is promising the OS X version of SoftRAID will work under 9/X but will take time. Apple just got some of the info and tools necessary as X.1 went to press. Silverlining Pro is in the same boat and FWB is never it seems out the gate first on such things.

MAYBE OS X 10.1 SERVER? Does it have more robust RAID support NOW? Apple RAID someone said was more like spanned array letting users create larger volumes, but not really a performer.

I have my eye on a couple Atals 10k III's - near equal of the X15 Cheetah but 36GB for price of an 18GB. 18GB $202 56MB/s.

If I find any more time killers I'll drop another note... say Tom's Hardware or ChipGeek or someone. Next week is chip sector with IBM rolling out faster, lower-power units.

One of the things OS X should be able to do is implement BSD's Memory File System that lets you allocate/create a virtual volume (aka RAM Disk) to host a database index of 100s of MBs. With the G5 supporting 16GB of memory you can do a LOT with all that RAM. Now that would make for a screamin fast host.

Maybe a G5 offers another way of looking at storage.


10-12-2001, 03:00 PM
Gregory, your a vicious,vicious man.

I appreciated your observations. My problem, I just started looking into raid as OSX came out, I'm handicapped by being in the hunt for new technology right when everything is in change. Still, my learning curve is currently steep as I have so much to learn, your pointers have helped immensely, I appreciate your experience.