View Full Version : Pin the tail on the docky

10-04-2001, 02:49 AM
I was reading the other day that there's some "hidden" way in OS 10.1 to pin the Dock so that when it's positioned on the bottom, for instance, it can be oriented to the left, center, or right-hand side of the display. I know that you could easily do this using a 3rd party app. like "Docking Manuevers", but does anyone know the trick to doing this natively from within 10.1. When I upgraded my PowerBook to 10.1, I found that Docking Manuevers no longer worked. However, the Dock is now stuck to one side of the screen & I find that I can't re-position it via the Dock's System Preferences to get it back to the center. How do I re-pin the Dock so as to put it back to where I want?