View Full Version : OS X, Miles2, and issues

09-17-2001, 10:32 PM
I have seen recent posts on macgurus forums claiming sucess booting into OS X with Miles2 cards. I have been having problems and am looking for ideas.

I have a G4 533 (digital audio) with a Initio Miles2 with 2 Seagate 18 gig X15s (first generaltion) on Granite Digital cable and terminator. Whenever I try to choose a boot volume in OS 9 it never works. Using the Startup Disk (versions 9.2.1) control panel it crashes with type 2 errors. When I hold down option at boot to select the volume there, it loads that blue screen (with arrows but without drives) and then it goes directly into open firmware. This problem/flaw/bug has existed since I installed my Miles2, it has existed under rev. 1.06 firmware, the OSX beta driver introduced on April 26, and on the latest rev 3.04 drivers. The 3.04 drivers were supposed to fix the digital audio problems (the unziped folder is named "DA fix Beta"), but it has changed nothing for me.

I can't install OS X because of this major bug and am wondering if anyone else has had similar problems.

Once again my system specs:
G4 533 with OS 9.1
Miles2 with 3.04 firmware


10-01-2001, 08:09 PM
I had some problems getting it to recognize my miles2 on my g3, but the latest beta seemed to solve the problem. That was a few months ago. I'm sure they have a better driver out now, but mine works so I'm not messing with it.