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10-01-2001, 04:20 AM
I've installed OS X.1 clean, on an empty 2.3g partition formatted for UNIX, from the full 10.1 $129 retail software, not an upgrade. My Pismo runs great, significantly faster than OS X.0.4, and perhaps a hair faster than 9.1 in everyday use.

The default email program is adequate-to-good, and I love the Bounce to Sender command; this lets me bounce SPAM as if my email address doesn't exist. The spelling checker strangely did not ship able to recognize "MacOS". Overall, OS X Mail may replace my Eudora 5 if Eudora-for-X doesn't come out before I can figure out how to import my address book and mail folder hierarchies without manually correcting each item. First try imported all 112 folders at the same level :-(

The DVD player is sweet; I watched "Akira" in the background in a "half size" window [sic--it's really only a quarter window real estate of the "normal size"] and playback was smooth. However, in the background, the rest of the MacOS runs slow; a telnet session ran as the only internet activity much like it would when simultaneous with a large download. The DVD appeared on the desktop by title, and the DVD application auto-launched one of two times tested. The DVD controller is rectangular, with choice of horizontal or vertical alignment.

FINDER: Overall performance is better or similar to 9.1. Opening files and moving about seems to be solid and dependable. I had one instance where dragging a set of files from an OS X.0.4 partition to another partition (both were Mac HFS+ partitions) created aliases instead of copying the files, but I've been unable to duplicate this.

Menu Bars: The first menu is of course the Apple menu, then an [application-specific menu], then File, then Edit, followed by app-specific menus. The hide others command is now attached to the application's menu.

It appears that Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 is bundled with 10.1; my memory suggests that 10.0.4 launched Classic to run Acrobat 4.

MS Internet Explorer 5.5 ships with OSX.1. Seems faster than 5.0+9.1. I moved from Netscape with IE 4.5 and have never looked back. 5.5X is fast, and it's recognized as expected by Wells Fargo Bank as a secure browser, unlike third party browsers like Opera, NetPositive, etc. I imported my IE 5.0 bookmarks from my 9.1 system folder preferences, and all was well. Surfing is pretty responsive.

Fonts are apparently recognized from all mounted drives. My OS9 fonts on other drives are all available within OSX.1. I haven't figured out the font changing dialog box; there's no apply button!

OSX Stickies opens up stickies files from OS 8.6 and 9.1system folders into one sticky. It recalls these files and opens them the next time you launch stickies. It does not delete the file if you refuse to save changes; I haven't had the confidence to save changes because this was production data.

The DOCK is disturbing and keen at once. I like the ability to add items permanently, but originally didn't know how to remove an item (drag it off the dock). I use Applicon AKA The Tilery on MacOS 9.1, so I'm pleased with the ability to click between applications without pulling down a menu. I'm wishing that the dock could automatically hide other applications windows, like The Tilery does when you click on the app you want.

Classic environment:
OS X.1 does NOT require 9.2.1. The latter is merely recommended. I had a devastating data loss same night I upgraded to 9.2.1--but ENTIRELY unrelated to 9.2.1--so I've not gone there again.
Eudora retrieves email from servers a tad bit slower than under native 9.1, but this is so subtle that I think many people would not notice.
Jeremy's Thermograph reports that my CPU temperature is not supported under Classic, but adds a data point of 0 degrees C (32 F). Icky.
Palm desktop launches properly and saves changes, but I haven't tried syncing under OS X.1 yet.

3rd party OSX apps available from Apple.com->OSX->downloads:
I haven't been able to test Toast's OS X version because all my burners are SCSI.
The MS Word X test drive is solid; no issues except the default name first time you save a file appears to be ".doc" which is absurd. even "untitled.doc" makes more sense,
Stuffit for X v6.0 ships with OSX and OSX.1; I've found a few freeware downloads that won't unpack easily without upgrading to 6.5. Unfortunately the 6.5 upgrade does NOT remove the 6.0 version, and this means 6.0 remains the default unstuffer until you delete the app manually. This means that you get the message about the 6.5 update being available until you disable the notification or delete the older application.
AIM for OSX worked entirely as expected.

The ONLY critical issue I have with OS X.1 is when I forget to remove my (unsupported in OS X) Adaptec 1480 Ultra SCSI Cardbus card. The Pismo crashes hard waking from sleep with the Adaptec card installed, displaying command line text over the GUI and requiring a 3-finger reboot.


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10-01-2001, 07:08 AM
Just a minor correction to your report, but the version of Internet Explorer bundled with 10.1 (at least with my Instant Up To Date version) is 5.1.2. Not a big issue, but just to point out that the Mac version is still not up to par with the Windows versions of IE (which have already surpassed 5.5 and is now at version 6).

10-01-2001, 12:42 PM
Must have been confused by an OrangePC Windows install yesterday.

He's right of course. OS X.1 retail ships with IE 5.1. I'm unable to post anything without some kind of problem. Pfft.

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