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01-27-2003, 05:44 PM
Thanks Kaye!

check this out: http://www.gvstore.com/apwor.html If you dig around their site, you'll see they have quite a few different products/options. Interesting? Too good to be true?


Jacob's comment from another thread:

"I remember them from the early 90's when i was back in SF. We had their equipment in a prepress department.
They used Kingston hot-swap stuff. It was buggy and we lost drives.
that was years ago.

I just called them and found out some stuff. New motherboards, not clones. They rackmount them and offer features similar to, if not better than, the xserve.

BUT I got a runaround, and the price indicated does not include a motherboard. They are basically selling a box ready to take a motherboard. If you want it with, it will cost you. The man I spoke with was nice enough but had no simple answer. Someone is going to call me back."