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10-15-2003, 10:36 PM

As my previous mails to the G5 forum have indicated, I am currently living in Japan.

Some questions which may seem stupid but aren`t to me. Please bear with me.

I have:
G5 Dual
Single HDD 160GB
ATI Radeon Pro 9600 Pro

I have managed with my limited troubleshooting abilities to download English Drivers for my newly purchased in Japan HP Inkjet printer and Canon 5000F scanner and both seem to be operating OK so far.

I have the Japanese version of OSX 10.2.7.

This means that the Classic mode is in Japanese ONLY but that Native is multi-lingual interface.

I am new to Mac so have no existing software or peripherals who need Classic. So operate only in Native and so no language problems. BUT...

I am trying to purchase English version of FCP4. (I say trying because Apple USA will not let me purchase off my foreign credit card and will not ship internationally. Anyway working on this.)


1. Apple Japan have kindly sent me International English version of OSX 10.2.7. I want to install this as my OS because my understanding is English versions of FCP and AppleWorks will need this.

Anyway, should I keep the original OS and simply install new English version in addition or is this a stupid question? OR

2.Should I uninstall Jappanese version and start from scratch with new English version?

3.MOST IMPORTANTLY - how do I go about either operation?

4. Can anybody tell me how I can get FCP4 in the States and delivered here?

Apple won`t take my money!!!! Driving me nuts.
I even have a USA address arranged for delivery but can`t purchase it!!


12-11-2003, 09:04 PM
It looks like this post has been here for a long time, so I do not know if you have solved your concern.
However, I would use the archive and "Clean Install" method and see what happens