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02-17-2002, 04:35 PM
Is there something in OS9.1 that globally turns off HFS+ support? I'm setting up a machine from scratch and HFS+ volumes won't mount. I even backed all my files up to tape (fairly far along moving files to the new machine when the problem appeared/was noticed) reformatted the hard drives and did a fresh install of OS 9.1.

SoftRAID (2.2.2) will create HFS+ volumes but they won't mount. If I create a large volume (>2GB) in plain HFS it mounts fine so the problem is definitely HFS+ related.

Now the weird part. If an external drive is connected, the HFS+ volumes will mount. If I have the OS 9.1 disk in the CDROM drive at boot up, then the HFS+ volumes will mount, even though I'm booting from my hard drive volume with 9.1.

So I chose Erase Disk from the Special menu for the HFS+ volumes while I had them mounted and made them into HFS Standard volumes. Then I rebooted without any of the HFS+ enablers (CDROM in drive, external drive connected) enacted and they mounted fine as HFS Standard volumes.

Then I chose Erase Disk again thinking I would now make them back into HFS+ volumes and the choice for HFS+ isn't even available when I chose Erase Disk. It was available when I had the OS 9.1 CDROM in the CD drive at boot up.

So it's like HFS+ support just vanished from my OS 9.1 but comes back when a CD is in the CDROM drive at boot or when I have that external drive connected.

I'm at a loss. The only thing I can think of is to try installing OS9.04 and updating it to OS 9.1 and see if I get the same problem. Does anyone have any insight into this bizarre problem.

The machine is an S900 with an Adaptec/Apple 2940U2B and three 18 GB LVD Western Digital drives, a VST UltraTech/66 with an IBM 75GXP 40 GB drive.

02-17-2002, 10:28 PM

I've never heard of a way to disable HFS+ especially since it's become the default format with OSX installs. I don't think you can even choose HFS with 9.2.

I have a small problem that my Softraid RAID0 volume won't automatically mount on boot in 9.2.2 on the QS. I have to tell Softraid app to mount the volume each time I boot up. Is it possible that the same is happening to you? Can Softraid mount the volume without reinitializing it each time?

Just a couple thoughts.
Sounds like fun.

02-18-2002, 03:24 AM
Problem solved.

Much thanks to SoftRAID for advice even though it was not a SoftRAID related problem as it turned out.

The problem is that the VST card and the 2940U2B card together somehow disable HFS+. If I remove either card it comes back. Also, this only occurs in OS9.1. OS 8.5 is fine.

I had the latest firmware on both cards (VST:1.1.2W, 2940:1.2) so I downgraded the 2940U2B to firmware version 1.1 and the problem went away.

Rick, I would check SoftRAID's FAQ. I don't know what causes the problem you're having, but I thought I saw something on their site about it when I was reading the FAQs.

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