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01-24-2002, 05:24 PM
With the recent problems I have been having with my Beige G3... I was debating about doing a clean Install of the OS..the only problem is I bought this computer from a friend who never gave me the OS 9 boot disk...Is there somewhere where I could obtain this?? I have read up on the procedure for a clean-install..was wondering if there is anything anybody could add that they find important...Thanks for any feedback!!


01-25-2002, 01:34 AM
Hi Nick,
I called the Apple store 'cause they don't list any but OSX on the site, which kinda P'd me off. They offer OS9.1 internally if you call 1-800-MY-APPLE. I ran some searches and found no cheap sources.

Clean installs are the way to rid yourself of troublesome corrupt files or mountains of old extensions that have added up through installing other software. You will almost have to have a OS disk to survive with your mac.

I think the Beige would have shipped with 8.6 or somesuch, maybe 8.5.3. You'd have had to purchase 9 to upgrade anyway.


01-25-2002, 08:49 AM

Thanks for the reply...I was searching all over Apple site for OS 9..This question I should probably asked now in a order to avoid any hassle down the line..I bought a Yamaha 2200 EZ 16x burner..a few months back...this burner had E-IDE connections so I had to take out the stock CD-ROM because there was only one IDE cable..Was I correct in doing this?...My problem now would be ...if for some reason the computer crashes or whatever and I turn off the extensions and try to boot from OS 9 disk the Yamaha drive will not be recognized. Correct?? This wouldn't really be that good!! Is there any way of hooking both drives up that I am missing..



01-25-2002, 11:40 PM
Hey Nick,
You might try the C key restart anyway. Even with a non-supported CD-Rom the boot worked on my 8600 when I held the C key. Admittedly, your CD is on a IDE bus and the 8600 was on the scsi bus, so I don't know.

What are you using for the driver?

Also do you have a zip and do you use it? You may be able to add the CD-Rom over the burner in the zip slot. Do you know what revision Beige G3 you have? Rev1 G3s did not support slave drives but rev2 and 3 did.

You'll find the rom revision listed at the bottom of the Apple system Profiler.


01-27-2002, 09:02 AM
I have rev 1 Beige G3....so I guess slavinghte drives is out the window...no internal zip drive either..the extensions for the burner are from Roxio...Adaptec...


01-27-2002, 11:39 AM
Somethin' to consida', install a ATA66,ATA100 or ATA133 IDE host card, run the hard drive from it and install the CD on the cable the hard drive is on.

Really a cheap way to:

A: REALLY speed up the hard drive from the snail slow ATA33 bus the G3 came with.

B: Have your cake and eat it too. Both CD and Burner are a very cool thing. You can copy CD's from one to the other without making a disk image. And the faster CD-Rom is nice to have.

Your CD-Rom will fit very nicely in the open bay next to the burner.


Oh yea, most ATA host cards come with a cable to connect to two devices, and WILL support a slave hard drive should you ever need one. Your rev1 limitation on slaves does not apply to added PCI buses.