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01-20-2002, 12:56 PM
What utilities is MacGurus recommending with OSX 10.1?

01-20-2002, 06:06 PM
I for one look forward to a native Disk Warrior and SoftRAID but find Drive10 wanting and everything is in "version 1.0" state right now. Disk Utility 10, having OS X on a 2nd drive to have a backup and be able to run Disk First Aid X (you cannot repair the startup disk, you need to boot into single user mode (Command + S) and run "fsck -y" to do more than the Disk Check that OS X does on every startup (not just the "when not shutdown properly).

Booting into 9.x you can run the latest Disk Warrior and then Norton 6.03 which work (in that order) then run DW again if Norton found major errors. Norton also needs TONS of memory allocated (300-400MB, seriously, not a typo). Large number of files and long names, not sure what and maybe Symantec has an official statement on that.

You can also use the OS X 10.1 CD (full or update) and run Disk Utility from there of course.

OS X (and *nix in general) keeps multiple copies of the volume directory and tables in memory so that if there is a freeze or changes aren't written out to disk, you can lose data, but this improves performance - part of BSD and that won't change. You may notice that files don't always show up in the Finder immediately which is part of the deferred write routines. The SCSI bus isn't scanned after booted which affects some devices (SCSI CDRW etc). I have to quit System Prefs at times then go back to Startup Disk or Classic to see say a system folder copied to a new volume for Classic.

You can run 9.2.1 and OS 9 installers from within OS X or Classic w/o booting into 9.2.1 95% of the time.

Hope that sheds some light.