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12-08-2001, 11:27 AM
Has anyone found a work-around for the 9.2.2 upgrade with regard to disk drivers? I use HardDiskSpeedTools and had to replace the drivers with Apple drivers in order to upgrade. I'd like to upgrade a couple of other disks, but you can't do it without Apple Drivers...

12-08-2001, 11:45 AM
Why did you "have to?" You can disable the update. But with DS 2.07 support for most SCSI drives is great, one reason to avoid 3rd party which may not be compatible with even minor OS updates.

As for "taking over" a drive, a word of caution. I took over DS on one drive that was partitioned and while all the files were there it wouldn't automount w/o ATTO ExpressTools 2.7 (what I used). On another drive that had DS 2.07 (Quantum Fireball 2GB in 7300) it said there wasn't room. I've tried to do that take over w/ HDST (3.4) and it nearly left the drive useless until someone pointed out that FWB HDT 4.5 (full version) could reconfigure a drive back to manuf's defaults.

I was curious that DS stayed at 2.07 which suggests that no bugs were found (but there have been so many reports of partition problems, booting issues, etc and incompatibility with some controllers on some systems that I was 90% certain DS would get an update (and maybe to help 10.1.1 or the 10.1.2 due soon).

Backup, reformat/initialize, do a clean install and update is what I always do with these "minor" OS updates. Trouble is I have to increase the default memory settings of 90% of all the control panel and other appe/appl items in the system folder for them to work (Control Strip, Keyboard, etc).


12-08-2001, 12:16 PM
I used HDST 3.4 on my other drives, but on the two drives inside the G4 I have Apple drivers. Thus the system folders on my two internal disks are upgraded to 9.2.2; the others remain at 9.2.1. Sor far as i can see there is no way to install that 9.2.2 upgrade on a disk that doesn't have Apple drivers, and I see no reason to mess with the drivers on the external drives, all of which work fine...

12-08-2001, 12:22 PM
During the install you get a dialog box that says 'Istaller can't update the third party drivers- Do you wish to Continue or STOP. If you press the continue button it will continue the instalation without updating the drivers.

Also, you have the ability at an earlier time to select the option button and uncheck update drivers. That will make your problem go away.

12-08-2001, 01:53 PM
You're right, of course. I must have been half asleep last night. thanks for waking me up...