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08-18-2001, 12:15 AM
I'm talking about things like DragThing, AliasMenu, GoMac, etc. I realize that most everyone here, in the search for serious stability, does not want to install extraneous stuff that could make their system discombobulated.

Still I thought I'd ask if there are any that you guys swear by. The only one I know of that Magician consistently used was Speed Doubler, back when it worked with OS 8.6 (actually it still works with OS 8.6, but it no longer is sold. Copy Agent is its replacement and Mag found it buggy).

The one thing I've been looking for for awhile is some kind of desktop browser-type thing that works like the windows in the IRIX operating system. For those of you unfamiliar with SGIs, all the windows on the desktop in IRIX open up looking like this:


Take a look at the path line, just below the menu bar and title bar. The path line is the part I like the best. I can navigate through SGI folders so much more quickly than with Mac folders because of this.

First there's the proxy bay, which is the square with the folder icon in it to the left of the path line. You can drag any folder in the listing into the proxy bay, and the window will change to a listing of that folder's contents. Then, in the path line itself, you have those little rectangular divisions above each level in the path. They're buttons you can click on to go to that level instantly.

Of course the other cool parts are the search functions right underneath the path line, the "favorites shelf" at the very bottom, and the dial on the side that lets you scale the size of the icons in the window to your liking. But the proxy bay/path line is the part I like the most, and it's so intuitive I'd gladly pay three or four times normal shareware prices for a program that would do that.

Alas, nothing out there like it. Mac Explorer and Utility Dog are kinda like it, but more like Windows Explorer. I tried things like Greg's Browser (which I hear is what the original OSX Finder was like) but it just doesn't work for me.

08-18-2001, 08:20 AM
I use "drag thing" and love it mostly because i have to lovely daughters who share my computer with me..(because its so FAST they say.....*L*) So using drag thing keeps them from ever having to dig past the desktop for theer stuff...keeps things much safer. It doesn't do what you are looking for, but it does make my life easier and it has a much better work flow than the apple menu.

08-19-2001, 03:16 AM
I religiously use GoMac and SwitchRes.

I keep GoMac hidden and find it very handy to access running aps, QuickLaunch and my favorite Control Strips without anything in the way on my screen.

SwitchRes lets me quickly reconfigure my monitors (resolutions and depth) and then automatically arranges the icons for each resolution. This is very handy on a two monitor system! It's original intended use of accessing unsupported resolutions has shrunk in importance over the years in favor of the other features.

09-03-2001, 08:42 AM
You must try FinderPop. It's currently got my vote for The Thing Apple Shoulda Included With The OS, but now they have moved on to OS X, there will be others I suppose.

I am currently evaluating the use of FinderPop in combination with:
CopyPaste (for multiple clipboards)
ActionMenus ("Show Finder Only" is the *best* command
TaskMenuBar is also a good alternative.
QuicKeys (macros- I never learned AppleScript because of this utility)
Snap-To (great except has no "Exclude-apps" list- Kensington MouseWorks also has this feature)
Smoothtype (just for looks)
plus the usual stuff like ATM Light. All these are running stably using 9.1 on an iMac with the 4.1.8 firmware updated. The only crashes I get are from things like Netscape 6.1

the_anarch: what you described about IRIX sounds very handy, a perfect project for an up-and-coming OS X developer!

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Urinal Puck
09-03-2001, 10:20 PM
QuicKeys is a must. I can't imagine being without it. Saves me tons of time (and keystrokes) every day.

They have a thirty day demo...http://www.cesoft.com/products/qkmac.html