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06-08-2001, 06:03 PM
I was catching up on some news, and was scared sh*tless by this:

Mac OS 9.2, which began development earlier this year, will boast improved stability and performance when used as the Classic layer of Mac OS X. It will also include a slew of bug fixes and add support for new Apple hardware. The update is expected to be available as a free download, although it will require an OS X-compatible Mac for installation. [Arrrrggghhh]

Full article: http://news.excite.com/news/zd/010608/11/apple-preps-mac

While this is still 'rumoresque' it would mean that many of our pre-beige beiges would officially drop off Apple's radar forever.

Its G4 time. I guess that with one graphics card in the AGP slot, Gigabit Ethernet onboard, and the incredible dual channel ATTO, I've still got three PCI slots to play with (video 2, maybe video 3, ??????). I must realize that I do not, in fact, need a six slot anymore...time for me to save some (okay, lots) of pennies.

06-08-2001, 07:48 PM
i won't upgrade to a G4 until it can do something worthwhile that my PTP won't do, and running 9.2 ain't it!!! I figured we were already off the radar and fully expected 9.1 to be my last OS for years.

06-08-2001, 08:56 PM
I personally LIKE to skip a processor family. I have a couple G3's (granted one was initially a 604, but I never had the card). I had several 603e's (aaah...Performa). Started in Macs with a 68000 (Mac 512). The next ones were 68030's (LCIII and IIci) . I was also lucky to have a 68LC040 (Mac LC575). So I skipped the 68020, 68040, 603 and probably the G4. Huh. Kinda sad when you actually know all this.

I guess some of those don't really count, since they are revisions of a chip. But hey, if places like everymac differentiate, so will I. http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

What ever happened to 9600's and newer machines being supported in a later version of X? That would mean we are on the scope again. Either way, I love what I have and have nowhere near the $$ yet to get a G4. Those lottery tickets keep coming up losers.

06-08-2001, 09:22 PM
I'll be more concerned when I drop off the guruz radar...

06-08-2001, 09:26 PM
I think that, while I am running X on my 9600 (and loving having UNIX under the hood), the pains I'm going through to reverse the decisions of Apple marketing folk are getting annoying.

The one thing that I love about Micro$lob is that since they dont' make hardware, they make their OSes run on the broadest spectrum of machines possible. I wouldn't be thinking too hard about a G4, save for the facts that:
1. I want to buy a machine that will still boot a 9.* environment
2. The new G4 is almost as expandable as a 9600
4. I have dark green walls, and I'm worried that after graphite, Apple will choose some case design which clashes horribly with the decor

I'm waiting 'til I hear the final word about 9.* support, and MacworldNY, before making any decisions, but I feel like I'm on the high dive, ready to plunge.

DSM, I went 68000, 68020, 604e, but I tend to think of the SE/30 as a generation of its own, and place it before the '020 color machines, so generationally, I'm ready!

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