View Full Version : Lost Sys9 disk

04-11-2001, 09:43 AM
We left our sys 9 CD in a mac that went in to the shop, and it mysteriously vanished. Can anyone give us a lead on where to get an inexpensive replacement?

04-11-2001, 10:06 AM
Did you register the software with apple? (or at least have all the cards with your serial number on it?)

If so, give them a call and they will replace it for a small fee.


04-11-2001, 01:11 PM
Good luck with trying to get a replacement from Apple, they are not like Microsoft. You can also try your luck with auctions like ebay http://search-desc.ebay.com/search/search.dll?MfcISAPICommand=GetResult&SortProperty=MetaEndSort&pb=&ebaytag1=ebayreg&ht=1&query=os+9.0&ebaytag1code=0&srchdesc=y or online classifieds.

Also, you might check with a local Mac users group to assist with locating a copy for sale.

04-11-2001, 10:18 PM
Reading your story about the repair shop having amnesia about the whereabouts of your disk makes my blood boil. This fixit shop is playing crazy. Obviously you are so kind hearted. The manager of the shop needs a formal complaint in writing with a cc: to the Better Business Bureau. First, attempt to have a friendly chat to resolve the matter, then folow-up with the letter with names, dates and times. They have basically stolen from you and expect you to pay for the repairs on the computer. This is an outrage.

Fight for your rights since a replacement disk is an unecessary expense for you. OS 9 does not come cheap.

P.S. You need to report them to the Better Business Bureau so other customers won't fall prey to bad business practices of shops like this one.

Time to mobilize...nothing beats a try.

04-12-2001, 08:25 PM
There is no reason to take an OS CD to a good repair shop. They should have every Mac OS ever made.

04-13-2001, 02:00 AM
nuke em from orbit.......... (how did that line from aliens go?)

04-16-2001, 01:17 AM
"I say we take off....nuke the entire site from orbit.

it's the only way to be sure. "


04-16-2001, 10:45 PM
Close al repair shops! Yeah, that ought to do it.

04-17-2001, 02:14 PM
Louie, are you feeding us the Company (Apple) line? Kinda sounds like it.....

04-17-2001, 08:35 PM
That's what Apple would like to do, it appears. Based on the ones I've seen in recent years, many don't deserve to be in business. Actually, I'm being cute about the earlier posting Crusaders.

04-17-2001, 08:47 PM
I know you were Louie. I agree with your assessment of Apple's current strategy towards repair shops. I just want to test the theory that an Apple certified shop has every OS made. Or even almost every OS made. I'll have to walk into one with a 128k and see if they can install System 1 for me. (Yeah, I know that it's not called system 1.) Should be interesting to see what they do. I do actually have the first OS install disks somewhere in a box. They included a cool plastic box to keep them in, along with the manuals. And I think that there was a cassette tape of some kind in there too. But I'm missing that.