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01-18-2001, 09:23 PM
Recently i have been having a problem with a G4 computer we have on our network. I think i have an idea what the issue might be but i want to ask if anyone else has had this happen. I transfered my netscape "user" folder from another computer to this computer to keep my email archive. I also copied over my tcp/ip preferences because i didn't have a pen to write down the IP numbers for my internet connection....anyway now every time i open netscape it opens a network connection to the computer that i copied these files from. i also open quark 4.1 on this same computer and it now makes a network connection to a third computer....is this all coming from the tcp/ip preference panel? or is it something inside the "user' folder that i can't figure out. i have trashed everything i could think of with the exception of the mail folder.......any help would be great.

01-18-2001, 11:55 PM
Sounds like you have the old "aliases pointing to the wrong original" syndrome because of your copying of preferences.

One way to solve it (and it takes deep thought and concentration) is highlight each alias one at a time and go to "File" in the menu bar and drag down to "Show Original". If it doesn't take you to the right file, make a new alias and trash the old. Also have the system preference folder open when you open Netscape to be sure it's going to that preference (Netscape Users)

It would probably be best to turn off the auto-connect to the net for each involved app while you're doing this.

01-20-2001, 10:21 PM
I trashed the netscape pref and it solved the problems.