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12-13-2003, 03:40 PM
I am in the process of installing a hitachi 80 gig 2.5" HD in my Clamshell SE 466 with 10.2.8. I put the new drive in an enclosure and want to clone the system onto it with CCC. I installed the latest version of CCC and every time I try to open the program It says

"Some components required for CCC to operate. Would you like to download an installer for the required items? (usr/bin/basename)"
then download or quit buttons. Obviously I hit Download, at which time it says

"The 'BSD for CCC' installer package has been downloaded to your desktop. Double-click it to run the installer, then run CCC again"

Awesome all is working well, until I notice that the installer is not on the desktop. I tried reinstalling CCC, opening it again but the same thing happens. can anyone help? I'm just sitting here trying to get this to work so I can change the HD. the clocks 'a ticking. Thanks for your help!!


12-13-2003, 04:12 PM
First, did you do an easy install that should have included BSD. You can check the Receipts folder in System/Library for what you have. CCC relies on PsyncX and the current version is 2.1.1.

Of course CCC has to connect to the net, download, mount, and should ask to have it auto install - works best.

PsyncX is only needed to synchronize. To do a full copy, that isn't needed, but BSD subsystem is. If you don't have BDS, put in the 10.2 Install CD and look for the mpkg or BSD package, or use Pacifist to add it. (there are always 2-3 ways to skin a fish, right? and maybe more).

PS: is this the new 5K80 5400 rpm, or the older 80GN 4200 rpm model?

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