View Full Version : Beige MT Broken PCI slots? Fried motherboard?

11-21-2003, 10:31 AM
Working on a beige MT that will not boot.
Trouble started with the install of a pci card that went wrong. I looked and it seems the pci slot is damaged. I was hoping for some advice on how to de-mangle the pci slot's pins, if that is possible ... to at least test one more time whether this has fried the motherboard or not.
Thank you for any help.

11-21-2003, 11:35 AM

Sometimes, its as simple as making sure that the PCI card is inserted correctly and firmly in its slot! I don't think you damaged the card (not easily), or PCI card slot. What pins are you looking at? And, it helps if you tell people more about what you have done, type of card, what other cards.

Sounds more like RAM or something.

Normally, you will need to reset the cuda button next to the corner of the MT case near the last PCI slot. Which requires removing the power cord to get in there, being shutdown.

I would also do a reset of Open Firmware. Hold down the four buttons on startup: command, option, OF. At the prompt enter the following three commands:


Make sure it is a "Mac" compatible PCI card. If it requires software, you might want to install the software before hand.

USB? USB/FW? video card? ATA controller? Make, and model, too. And that it has current firmware. bought new, retail? ebay? OWC? etc.

And make sure you didn't loosen anything. Adding RAM, disk drives, and PCI cards are common, relatively easy and painless. There is a ROM chip in a socket slot, three RAM slots (PC100 10ns RAM or faster), and you can always upgrade the cpu to faster G3 or G4.

11-21-2003, 11:57 AM
Hi TZ,
Thanks for the reply.
This is a friend's machine. He tried to install a USB pci card into the top pci slot. I think he must have forced it. I tried several things to get the machine to boot. Made sure every was seated properly. Reset the motherboard. Changed the battery with a good one.
Finally in frustration, with my bad eyes, I looked very closely at the PCI slot. Seems the pins in the slot, on the motherboard are bent and possibly touching opposite sides.
I was thinking that might have shorted something out. Please correct me if I am wrong about it. There are several pins that are out of alignment in the PCI slots. Thinking to get a needle and try to straighten them out, but i am worried they are bent beyond repair.
Thanks again for the help.