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10-10-2003, 12:36 PM
Hello - The apple menu sub menu options disappears on this PTP 225 / 9.1. Restoring them requires opening the apple menu options from the Control Panel and then just closing that window. Nothing serious but it is annoying since it continues to happen and it makes me wonder what else it may be affecting. The "remember recently used items" boxed is not checked and I have tried trashing both the apple menu options preferences as well as the finder prefs.
Any clues anyone? Thanks.

10-10-2003, 03:33 PM
There are some items in the cache folders, that affect menus. Can't remember which. Jaguar Cache Cleaner might be worth a shot or clear through the local ~/library/cache yourself. cocktail will also but now requires installing and purchase, gotten a little weird - can't call it shareware, and it had to stop being donation-ware when not enough folks donated.

Any 3rd party menu items or enhancers running?

10-10-2003, 06:30 PM
Unfortunately Jaguar Cache Cleaner will not work with 9.1.
I do have 3rd party aliases in the Apple Menu. It will be long and maybe impossible to manually isolate which file from which program is the problem. I will look into Cocktail.

10-10-2003, 06:46 PM
Another thought is that the directory may be corrupt. I would try Alsoft's Disk Warrior. Especially good if you have never used it before. k

10-10-2003, 10:49 PM
I have seen control panels get trashed before; "Monitors" for example. You can copy 'em over from a solid running Mac, or reinstall part of the OS from CD.

I would try DW first myself.


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10-10-2003, 11:46 PM
I've had issues with the Apple Menu Option CP before too (8600/9.1). Trashing it & the preference file, and installing a fresh copy solved the problem.

I've heard that having too many items in the menu, or an alias of your system volume can cause problems as well.5

10-11-2003, 04:49 AM
I did have a system folder alias in the apple menu - now gone, I'll see if that helps.
I hear good things about Disk Warrior, I've run TechTool on this machine and it says
A-OK. What is the opinion between the two, is it advisable to have both?
I gave up on Norton a long time ago.
Thanks all for the suggestions. %

10-11-2003, 06:11 AM
Didn't look at the "9.1" - damaged extensions, system file needs minor repair, even prefs. Extension Overload can spot some of those. ResEdit is best bet for fixing (a copy of) the System file.

Can't say enough, the reports of Disk Warrior are strong, so for some its part of regular maintenance on a weekly or monthly basis.

If you have your system etc on a smallish partition, backup (of course) and do a clean install and then reinstall what you need, and only as a last resort, merge the old system folder.

Anything new added? Conflict Catcher 9 is (was) great for such things. Allocating more memory to control panels and such. Even firmware on a controller can play a role.

TechTool Pro 3.06 is a good replacement for Norton, but I still prefer Disk Warrior for its catalogue rebuild feature, as well as for fixing boot blocks.

10-11-2003, 08:04 AM
Wasn't there an MDEF virus or something? Is that another possibility?

10-11-2003, 08:36 AM
I still virus check using Norton, manually. I download the new definitions, scan, then turn it off again. It does not show any "infection". I removed Conflict Catcher (it seemed to be causing conflicts) and now use Extension Overload. Looks like Disk Warrior would be a good investment.