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09-02-2003, 09:00 AM
Hello friends! I have a PPC 8600 with G4 and some other add ons with 800 MB RAM and running OS 9.1

Returned from vacation last Wednesday after the big blackout to find everything working fine except internet access through Comcast Cable...a call to Comcast said they were upgrading the system. Later that day TV was back but not the internet.

I called Tech Support and went through the usual reboot of the modem, trash TCP/IP preferences, trash the MacIP/DNR...reboot computer etc and I couldn't pull in an IP address that matched their screen's info for my installation. They concluded something about my hardware was preventing my computer from pulling in the dynamic IP address. So I replaced the Ethernet cable ($20)...didn't help...pulled my SCSI PCI card and replaced it with an SMC 10/100 EZ Ethernet (loaded the Mac driver obtained from their web site via office computer) and it still didn't work.

I had a friend bring her internet-savvy iMac so I could test the theory that the modem and cables were fine. They worked on her machine without a hitch

I tried to test my built-in Ethernet by trying to network (File Share) the two using an Ethernet cross over cable...something I've done with her machine many times before for back ups and tune ups and such. Didn't work...the new card too.

All the power connections and phone lines go through a line conditioner/surge protector (not just a power strip) before touching the system except the cable to the modem...is it possible that there's enough juice in the cable line to have caused a surge that could have damaged my motherboard's built-in Ethernet? Wouldn't the new card over-ride any such problems?

Does any of this sound familiar to "yous guys"...anything I have overlooked? Any suggestions?

I tried loading fresh copies of OpenTransport, TCP/IP, MacIP/DNR and forcing new Prefs to form. No help at all.

I'm considering a new G5 but I'd like to be able to network the new one and the old using Ethernet so I'd like to fix this.

09-02-2003, 09:24 AM

APC does have coax filters on some of their network surge protection equipment. One is just a pass-thru with a wire to go to ground. No router?

MacInTouch has had a reader report just on the subject of lightning and what to do. Sometimes unplugging is the best option, and yes, you should put something on the coax before it gets to the modem, though a 'good' cable system should ground out most, it won't catch all.

If file-sharing won't work, and the cable modem is disconnected (in case it is causing problems just by being connected) it would seem that a PCI enet card would rule out your side. If one component is bad, like the modem, that could cause trouble.

When I had cable, it was fussy. It didn't like going through APC coax filter, didn't like some (all?) splitters I tried (many), and I would always have noise on Ch 2-4. I went back to DSL for same price/performance.

I'd try putting another modem on there, AND router, AND (another) APC etc to handle phone/coax lines.

09-02-2003, 10:47 AM
Did you select the correct port via Appletalk Control Panel? My 9600 defaults to the printer port and must be reset to Ethernet after a PRAM reset ...just a thought.


09-02-2003, 11:04 AM
I have the AppleTalkCP set at Printer port because my printer is not ENet. I tried switching the setting to ENet at someone's suggestion but that did not work either. I have a cheat sheet to help me when I switch from Internet to File Sharing (no router) and back so I don't have to look up the settings each of the few times I File Share each year. The notes say to change ATalk back to Printer Port. When I was experimenting with this setting I tried to print something and got a Printer not found error until I changed ATalk back to printer port.

I found a good deal (I thought) on a router at Tiger Direct...what I thought was a 2 output port router turned out to have 1 input and 1 output port but I does have indicator lights...so I plugged it in to test the system...modem to router shows green lights...router to cpu shows blinking green lights...the modem was flashed by the cable company and they show the modem is good. They can read that my cpu is not pulling a valid IP address when we reboot the modem &/or the cpu.

I'm still hoping to get this working so I can use my "old" serial and SCSI devices (printers, scanner, CD burner) via file sharing through my old computer with the new one. I don't want to have to replace both my b&w laser printer too. I want to invest the extra $ in the budget on a better color printer...by the way, any suggestions there?

Or does anyone know of a good SCSI PCI card that'll work in the new G5 Dual?

09-04-2003, 02:18 PM
So this is what I've found out from my local technician. The built-in ethernet port was fried..perhaps by the blackout after-effects. The techie said he's seen a lot of cases like mine lately.

The new e-net wasn't working due to the defective driver/installer downloaded from the firm's website. Their tech support sent me cryptic instructions on how to use a text editor to hack their driver...can you imagine!?! So I ordered a new one from a very mac-friendly company Asante' Technologies. I should have my new card in 2 days.

At any rate, this experience has helped tip the balance toward getting a new G5 Dual...gonna load it with a 250 GB drive, the Radeon 9800 Pro, Airport Extreme, Bluetooth and at least 2 GB of RAM. I'd go for more RAM but I think the prices will go down over time and since I have 800 MB on my 8600, that is plenty for multiple OS 9 apps to be open (Illustrator and Photoshop for example). What do you think, more "headroom" now or wait 'til later?