View Full Version : a question related to the upgrade display problems...

just curious
08-05-2003, 04:42 PM
I'm having seemingly similar problems as the person who upgraded his processor. Unlike the problem he and others seem to be having with processor upgrades on PCI macs running with Radeons, I haven't upgraded anything and still have the video signal fritz out on me.

8600/250 with an ATI Orion card, 128 megs RAM, 4 megs VRAM on logicborad.

Essentially I've been having PRAM problems. I've had the battery tested and it has the correct charge but somehow when I boot up from the CD or the HDD I still get no video signal.
I've gone throught and reset the CUDA, zapped the PRAM and the NVRAM everyway possible and unless I leave the box unplugged, with the battery out overnight, I can't boot up with the monitor being sensed.
The monitor works; i'm using it now.
Since, I can get a video signal after unplugging it all, I'm less inclined to think it is the video card itself, but, i can't test otherwise (w/an Apple monitor or another Vid card).
Now when I have gotten it to work, I can reboot several times succesfully, but, if I shut down, after a period of time, starting up again will result in no video.

Now, I'm perfectly willing to think that the guy at Radio Shack didn't test the battery right, but, I'm wanting to know if anyone else can point me in the right direction here. It just seems like the PRAM/NVRAM is being corrupted. But, I'm not 100% sure on that. Especially since this occurance is symptomatic of a bad battery. Despite the fact that all other PRAM functions seem alright (soft boot/date and time/start up drive, etc.)

Either booting to CD or HDD results in a full boot, just no video. And, when this problem started happening I had succesfully rebuilt the directory on the HDD. Next day, this started happening. Plus, I've had the chance to re-install 9.1 when I had the window of opportunity.

I just want to be able to see the danged screen so I can use the computer instead of just listening to it hum.