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07-31-2003, 01:54 AM
I came upon a very un-computer-passionate freind of a freind's AGP Graphics 450/SP G4, and it will not boot into OS 10.2.?. It starts up normally with the grey on grey apple, and the spinning progress wheel, than it flashes black for a moment (like the monitor is refreshing) and then proceeds with the normal system loading screen. When finished, the screen turn solid blue with the cursor frozen in the upper left-hand corner. After a few seconds, the desktop appears with the default background. The HD is mounted, a few files are there, and the cursor is operational. A few seconds later it switches back to the previous blue screen and frozen cursor. The interval between shifts is seemingly chatic, but never stays on one screen for more than 15 seconds. This continues until one has to do a manual shut down of the system.

I couldn't find either her OS 9 or 10 System CDs to boot from, so I booted off of the (only one I could find) 8.6 Software Restore CD. It booted fine, and after running Disk First Aid a few times, I found an un-repairable B-Tree error. I booted from DiskWarrior 3, and found several errors including over 300 Link errors. DiskWarrior rebuilt it, and when I ran it again, no errors were found.

The problem still persisted, so I booted from the Restore CD, accessed OS 9.2.1's control panal, and changed the startup disk to 9.2.1's system folder. It booted just fine. I ran Disk First Aid again under 9.2.1, and after two tries it was able to repair the B-Tree error. OS 10.2.? still won't boot.

I'm thinking that the HD (a 20GB WD Caviar) is fine. I could easily copy all of her work to my external FW drive, and erase the disk, with a clean install, but I'm wondering if it is some other hardware issue, that reformatting the drive would not solve.

Has anyone come across a similar problem? I'm sorry I can't give you any detail and how she has treated this machine, or what version of 10.2, but I would really appreciate some advice on what to try next.


07-31-2003, 03:40 AM
Why bother and spend hours, when wiping the drive and starting fresh after all that is the only sure cure. No disk utility is so perfect that even though it says its repaired - or doesn't see any errors - doesn't mean it is operational. Sometimes if you are dilitgent and stay on top, yes, the type of person that runs fsck after any such frozen screen etc. then maybe.

07-31-2003, 08:07 AM
And if you are going to wipe the drive, consider the age of it (coming up on 4 years old); and if you take into account your time, and her down time, does it make sense to replace the drive? For maybe $75, nobody needs to worry about the drive for (hopefully) another 3 - 5 years. And don't forget current drives are faster, cooler, and more quiet.

I would hate to spend all the time, only to find the drive is starting to fail, or dies abrubtly in the next few months...

Just thinking out loud here, but we all have seen reports of eratic behavior caused by RAM...worth your time to pull/swap to see if things change?


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07-31-2003, 02:09 PM
8.6? on AGP? I thought 9.04 was the minimum. Running the wrong OS and driver is the first thing to resolve. I am a stickler on reinitializing regularly and with every OS update (8.6, 9.0, 9.1, 9.2.1).

$75 will buy you a nice Maxtor with 8MB cache, 80GB. Very quiet. See other thread with hdd options.

The old troubleshooting tips, faq, "Pages of DOOM!" was first, last, and always, backup, disk warrior, norton (minor stuff), DW again.

Just copying everything over to a new drive.

I had MORE trouble trying to use XPF and Sonnet-X to install on my Beige than just the Apple method (double-click on the Installer button and Restart). And it has lots of stuff stuffed in there, 3rd party, (768MB RAM, SATA, ACard, Radeon, USB/FW). I lost all my files on two drives just moving drives and PCI cards around, not once, but twice! And a day just preparing to do some testing... still have everything backed up, but cloning on Beige doesn't work as well, and clones produced on NewWorld dont' transfer over and work well.

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07-31-2003, 05:31 PM
Thanks guys.

Saddly, I think I care more about the machine than she does, and I doubt she'd want to just buy a new drive, as I would. But hey, as forr old drives, I'm still using my stock 30GB Quantum Fireball LM, and it's given me zero problems, ...of course it's so slow and noisy, that I use it solely for 9.2.2 (rarely).

I feel... I guess computarian, when I see people treating their computers like appliances, and since Macs are more (for lack of a better word) stable than PeeCee's I see this syndrome too often with my fellow Mac users.

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