View Full Version : No sound on Sawtooth G4... how to fix?

07-21-2003, 06:37 PM
A friend of the family has a Sawtooth G4. He misplaced his Apple Hardware Test disc long, long ago, and so we have no way of running the hardware check to see precisely what part of the computer is messed up.

But here's the specific problem: there is no sound. In OS 9 and OS X, if we go into the sound preferences, it lists no sound input or output device, despite both of these being built in to the motherboard. This happened out of nowhere one day. We get no start-up chime or any sound whatsoever from the machine.

What should we try to fix this? Is the board busted with no hope, or what else could it be? I tried swapping out the sticks of RAM, zapping the PRAM many times, and updating firmware, all with no luck. OS 9 and OS X both still report seeing no sound input or output device. Other than this, the computer works just fine. (It initially had some crashing problems when starting up in OS 9, I'm assuming related to this issue, but now that we've wiped the OS 9 drive clean and reinstalled the system it seems to start up and run fine again, albeit without sound. OS X always ran fine, but once again, without sound.)

Thanks for any help.

07-21-2003, 09:53 PM
Since both 9 & X don't recognise the on-board sound hardware, I would have to say it's probably the board. Maybe something became disconnected (bad solder joint?) or a component failure.

Kind of strange that both the input & output went out though. To me that means a software problem is still a possibility. I don't know much about X or G4's though. I'm still in the beige/9 world.

The only options besides getting the board repaired/replaced would be a PCI soundcard, or external USB/Firewire device. i