View Full Version : pismo dead screen

07-17-2003, 07:08 AM
I recently did a bit of troubleshooting on my pismo audio jacks. When I put the pieces back together, the screen was dead. I think it may be more than this though...

I can hear the hard drive running, but it never makes all the traditional sounds of booting up fully. I've left it at this state for plenty of time for a full boot and then tried to change the speaker volume from the keyboard. This will usually make beeping sounds when I do this - that's not happening. That's what makes me think that it's something more than just a dead screen. I re-traced my steps and took the whole thing apart and back together again and nothing changed. There are no lights at all ? not only the screen but the power button, sleep light and apple on back.

I'm 100% certain that I was very careful taking this thing apart and I'm sure it's back together the same way I found it. This problem only started after I took it apart ? I've never had any problems like this before with this machine.

Any ideas??