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07-15-2003, 12:47 PM
I'm suddenly having some problems with my Mac. It seemed to have started using Quark 5.0. I was converting a 16 page booklet from horizontal to vertical, asking the program to flip each page 90 degrees. I was getting bad file formats and corrupt files. (This was using classic). Then I went to Photoshop 7.0, made a change to a file, printed it, and when I asked it to save the changes, I got a message that it couldn't save due to a disk error. After restarting, I tried to start Photoshop but it just bounced a couple times in the dock and then nothing. I tried opening from the application file with the same results. Quark would still open fine. I then restarted the Mac in OS9, started Photoshop and saved changes to the file without incident. Upon restarting, I still got bad file formats from Quark and no startup from Photoshop. I ran Norton Anti-Virus, Apple disk utility, Apple hardware test, Norton system works and Macaroni. Each of these utilities found minor problems (with the exception of the NAV - no viruses) and one of them found major problems (B-tree, etc.) I don't remember which one. After running these and trying 3 times, repairing permissions each time, I was finally able to get Photoshop re-installed and updated to 7.01. Now I'm getting crashes in iCal, it starts up and then quits saying the application has unexpectedly quit but nothing else was affected. I would like to test my RAM, and remember something about removing chips and running the Graphing Calculator in OS9 in demo mode and wait for a hang or crash. I'm hoping there is a better solution. I have two 512 chips and one 256 chip. I'm running out of time. This is my work computer, I'm in the middle of a run of CATS, and have another show starting soon that I have to prepare for. If I need to wipe and re install everything on my hard drive, I would like to try the partition thing but have no idea how to go about it or use the partitions once they are there. Do they work like connecting to another computer and have the drive on the desktop? Any help for a dummy would be appreciated!! http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif

07-15-2003, 01:09 PM
A list?

Quark - known to be trouble. Check MacIntouch Reader Report on it yet?

Norton - don't use it for major errors. Use Disk Warrior first and again after using Norton. It can create a problem or make it worse even.

The OS X Forum and this forum... I have tried to cobble and throw together tidbits and ideas into incoherent FAQs as I learn or find something.

But the first step is to backup. Sometimes the best method is to restore, and keep those backups CURRENT.

Quark 6 is shipping.