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06-27-2003, 01:52 PM
I have a G4 733 QS that I cannot get the firewire ports to work. Probably mobo but thought I'd try posting to see if anyone had a good way to check.
Also, if i boot in OF I cannot reset the NVRAM with reset-nvram. I get the message unknown word? It will let me use set-defaults & reset-all though. I've tried resetting the PRAM (Booting with command P&R) but the clock doesn't reset either ?

I tried booting in verbose mode but I don't see any obvious things and it's all Greek to me.

I ran the Apple Hardware test disc and got no problems. I can also boot in TDM but the machine will not show up on the other Mac or vice-versa.

Very strange behaviour !
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

06-27-2003, 03:17 PM
For the FireWire, a port can be damaged or fried by hot plugging or poor cables. That can be prevented from happening in the future with the Isolator cable from www.fwdepot.com (http://www.fwdepot.com) and you might want to invest in a FW PCI card or combo FW/USB, whether USB2 or FW800, either of which adds a lot to the cost while FW PCI cards are $15-50. OrangeMicro seems to have reliable cards.

Open Firmware: why and how.

Remove the battery over night along with pulling a stick of RAM. Try a new battery even.

See if "init-nvram" is accepted. You should be able to create an Open Firmware script (saved and written to wherever OF saves one, root directory?) that does nothing but keep rebooting the system on its own (with maybe a do-until loop).


I've used it a number of times. How about trying to strip your system down to bare essentials and see.

When you are in OF you can actually use FORTH and some commands that look like DOS, "DIR /" to display directory and change directories as well as output the boot path "printenv" or change it iwth "setenv" as well as other commands like 'bless' and of course command line single user mode under OS X.

Sometimes I've booted from the OS X 10.2 CD and that might be useful. If you have Disk Warrior, I would try running 2.1.1. Might be the boot blocks. Update the driver on the boot drive too. I hear people say they rebuilt the desktop which has nothing to do with their problem. But initializing the drive, or pulling the boot drive and using another might.

Rick found a note from Apple recommending that QuickSilver (and other) G4 systems should NOT have their motherboard cuda switch reset, or not more than once. So I would avoid that, but offer it as one possible extreme measure. I don't think there even is one on some later systems - or is that impossible? Might want to search either Apple KB (or Google) or these forums (probably get far too many hits on "cuda reset" which is used a LOT on vintage Macs).

... thinking out loud.

06-27-2003, 07:01 PM
And something else to try. If in OS9.2.2, launch Apple System Profiler, select the Devices and Volumes tab, does ASP show FireWire, below USB and above ATA? If it does but points to a box which says "No devices found on this bus", are you sure your FW devices are fully plugged in?

Is there a number, such as 2.8.5, below FireWire? That number refers to active FW extensions version numbers in the Extensions folder, FireWire Enabler and FireWire Support, but there is other FireWire stuff in the Extensions folder too. If your FireWire extensions are not in the Extensions folder, those ports will act dead. k

06-28-2003, 08:56 AM
OK very strange indeed.

Thanks for the suggestion in OS9. It's been so long since I used OS9 I forgot about the Apple extensions conflicting with Toast.
The Firewire does work !
Miraculously ?

I reset 'all' a few times left the machine off all day and now it works !!

I was 'hot swapping' before but did not do it again.
Maybe that was it ?

Anyway thanks for the replies.

I'm still confused as to why I cannot use "reset-nvram' in open firmware though ?