View Full Version : Combo Drive and DVD movies help...

06-10-2003, 06:56 AM
Ok before i call Apple Support for a run around about this, i'm hoping one of you Gurus might help me. My Combo Drive in my MDD DP1.25 clicks like a mother focker when certain DVDs play in it. Its a toshiba model.

Is it my Region 1/2/3 i have to change?
or is it defective?

I don't use this mac for movies, just one day was experimenting with it. But the thing uses CDs and boot OSX cds with no problem. Only problem is DVDs, any ideas guys?

G4 1.25 DP (MDD/FW800) -- 1.25gig Ram -- 2x18gig SCSI -- 40gig & 80gig ATAs (all Seagates)
ATi Radion 9000 -- 21 Inch Apple Studio Display

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