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06-01-2003, 07:24 PM
I bought this G4 Agp Graphics model at a garage sale for $1.00. No keyboard or mouse. The reason for this they told me is that it went thru a power outage, and simply stop working. I brought it home clean it up and prepared to check it out and also to expect the worst. I discovered it was missing the HD (27GB). So far the power supply works as well as its fan and the internal case fan. The DVD-RAM and the Zip drive seem ok too. The ds5 led on the mobo lights up when I turn it on since it powers up just fine. Got it with the original restore and software install cd's, (9.0.2). Problem is I have no video when connected to a Apple monitor (Multiscan 20), or vga one for that matter. Put a HD from a PC, partitioned but no formatted. Also no sounds or chimes whatsoever. Memory is fine since I already tried it on a PC that I have and it's fine. No chance to try the Ati 128 Pro card tough. Put another card (Ati) from a friend's mac (a good one), still no picture. The cd ask's me to boot with the c key pressed as the computer starts up but the new keyboard is not responding, the new mouse does, however.

My questions here is, what the heck could it be? Everything inside looks just dandy. If something did indeed got fried by the outage, what was it? So far no error beeps, it does beep once when I remove the memory, so far a good sign. Put new battery just in case and reseted the PMU, but nada. The HD so far spins (master setting) but nothing happens, or at least can't see it. Could it be the processor, or the board? Any sugestions guys will be appreciated, that way I can go and get what I need since I would really like to keep the machine. Thanks!

06-02-2003, 05:35 AM
Boy, could be almost anything. If the DRAM is okay, though, that is one of the most vulnerable. I would initialize a drive in another Mac maybe.

A PCI video card in case it is the AGP? or was the ATI cards you tried, one of which was PCI? If you can boot into Open Firmware, and reset-nvram that would be nice.

RAM that works in a PC may not be designed for Mac. Not all PC133 is the same.

If you can boot with just OS 9.02 CD that would be enough, then later hook up the hard drive? I wonder if it could have had a firmware update that prevents booting from less than say 9.1?

Keyboard should be possible to switch out (they are sensitive also), and if you have a USB PCI card, in case the USB (and FW?) ports were fried.

Worth trying!

06-05-2003, 03:26 PM
The original card is An ATI Rage 128 Pro (AGP). The one that I used to test was a functional ATI card (PCI) that I borrowed from a friend's Power Computing Mac clone. So far neither one worked. My RAM for this G4 is a PC100, and I beleive is the original one that came with the machine. I just tried it in my Compaq PC which uses the same configuration and it worked just fine. But then again I coulde be wrong.

Unfortunately I can't boot from any drive and the keyboard being non responsive isn't helping much. Already tried with an USB PCI card and still doens't work, only the mouse works both ways. And I tried the keyboard on another machine and works just fine. I'm thinking that probably the outage got parts of the mobo (any supporting or auxiliary chips) without shutting it down completely, that's why parts of it work fine and others do not. I need to check the power supply for any discrepancies in the voltage. I'll keep post of this later. Thanks.