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05-21-2003, 01:41 PM
Not really big deal, but just wonder what's going on.
I added a new Cheetah to my 9600 (XLR8 G4 450) and that is my startup disk. I have a very few and far between hungups. But the thing is, that on several occasions, when I zapped a pram, I always get a startup from my original 4 GB drive. When I unbless the System Folder, it starts from Cheetah. This happens only after the PRAM is zapped, otherwise Cheetah is a startup disk. Also, I am not getting Ext. manager, or Conflict Catcher on, when holding space bar. Any ideas? Thanks aforehand.

05-21-2003, 02:32 PM
?When you zap the PRAM you reset the startup disk to the default Bus and Drive. If you change your new Cheetah to ID0 and first partition then the default setting will be the Cheetah, unless the Cheetah is on a host card then there is no way to modify it to survive the PRAM reset.


05-21-2003, 03:12 PM
Thanks Ricks, got it. Ja, die Cheetah is on a separate bus, and a host card. As I said no big deal, just learned another thing. Still wonder, though, about inability to get that Conflict Catcher mount before boot is finished.

05-22-2003, 11:50 PM
If you're using a USB keyboard, it's very possible that the keypress is not getting to Conflict Catcher because you're pressing it too early in the startup process. The USB ports are reset after the Mac's startup tests and any key that is already pressed will be ignored.

The easiest way around this problem is to turn on Caps-Lock Opens Conflict Catcher in CC's preferences. Then when starting the Mac, press the Caps Lock repeatedly until the Caps Lock LED lights. This assures you that CC will see it.


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