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05-04-2003, 01:44 AM
I'm working on a 7500 with 2 drives and a CD- more than 32mb & a Sonnet upgrade. It's a friends machine and he says that it was a bit funny for some time then would require restarting as it "just quit when left alone for any time" then it finally gave in and now only shows the question folder-(no drive mounted-can't find it).
Here is what I've figured out-I've replaced the battery-it will allow me to connect my Wallstreet via the external SCSI bus using the target disk mode and will show the contents of my Wallstreet on it's screen. I was able to "mount" the smaller drive once but that was it, never again. System Profiler shows the drives and the names of them(One is a womans name the other is the usual Mac-HD) the size. I went into Disk utilities and I *think* I wuld have been able to format them. I cancelled out of that because they have info on them that is important. The machine will not boot from either drive OR the CD. In the CD I've used TechToolPro-Norton Ute's and a number of system CD's to no avail-I think there is an issue with the internal SCSI bus but can't prove it. I've tried Zapping PRAM when I boot it and when I changed the battery I pressed the CDMA switch a number of times but still, nothing.
The only physical possibility is that I noticed pressure marks on the 14 ga wires going to the back of the drives (not the ribbon cable) like they were trapped between the case and some internal structure. No insulation striped though, just dents.
I've posted to a number of news groups but got only one answer and that didn't address the issue.
Any help is really appreciated

05-04-2003, 08:55 AM
Start with testing for RAM issue. Pull the older 32MB chips and use 60 ns. 128's.

Get a copy of Disk Warrior. Don't use Norton unless after DW, unless you must, and only the most current. NUM 4/5 were trash.

Take the drives out and put them in a case, or in a Mac that can access them that works. Disk Warrior has a method for bypassing mounting a drive during startup (and where the finder would freeze, hang or give error messages constantly).

I would suspect termination or ID problems.

The drive model, name, then look it up on the vendor web site and print out the jumper chart.

If you have the original 603, remove the Sonnet. What type of Sonnet upgrade? G3? G4? What MHz?

You may need other utilities like FWB HDT 4.5 also. Or consider a replacement drive. As for backups and important info, it is never a matter of IF but only WHEN you will need to have a backup. Usually yesterday.

- G.

05-09-2003, 09:38 AM
I'll be danged. You can study electrical engineering, software design, Human Interface etc. until you are blue in the face and never understand it all. Just like my grandmother, stick the DNR tag on 'em and suddenly, they'll rally .
Initialized the smaller drive and tried to boot from the other, no dice.
Pulled the other hard drive and was able to boot with the drive mounted in an external box. Thinking that the SCSI busses were toast I tried to make the machine see the CD, just to be certain the bus was gone. It saw the CD drive. Returned the drives to the internal. Tested by having the machine play a CD for 24 hours non stop (way low volume). I think that the bit about just quitting when left alone was a PC users response to "Sleep" in the Pref's panel.
Anthropormorphising about this is possible but I think it was a HUGE software issue (Norton collapsed trying to fix it) on the smaller drive and perhaps a bit of corrosion somewhere. The machine lives on a freshwater marsh and is <1 mile from the ocean.

thanks for everyone's thoughts and help-

05-20-2003, 10:59 AM
Hi, I am new to this side of the site and I too have had issues with my 7500/100 that now has a Sonnet upgrade of a G4/400 that it wouldn't give me any of the drives. I went to Sonnet and got the upgraded "cheater" software to load 10.1 on this machine and I have had it running with a few hickups now and again but no more that when I was running on the old 601. Make sure you have the newest upgrade and reload the 9.1 on the machine. Then get your frimware upgrades from apple and load them in 9.1. If this is not new stuff to you I apologize but, the techs at Sonnet were very helpful. I have not licked the 10.2 issue which appears to be a graphics panic. This is my next challenge, or not. http://macgurus.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif