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03-28-2003, 07:46 PM
I am in dire need of some help/info/suggestions from the Guru community ......
I recently purchased an external case that supports two ATA Drives via Firewire with an Oxford 911 chipset ...
I installed the drives into the case, installed the driver, turned on the power to the external case ...and POOF -- smoke starts pouring out of the case !! I immediately pulled the power cord and the Firewire plug from the case ...
The defective case will be replaced by the online store from which it was bought .... BUT ... now the drives are not recognized by my Mac when installed into an open bay (after removing my CD-ROM drive) attached to the second IDE cable.
Norton Utils can "see" the drive as "Unrecognized Drive" (or something like that) but cannot make fixes to the drives -- it reports an error code of -9393 --- I don't know what this error code is as per Norton.
I've tried to use Apples HD Format utility but the drives are reported as <not supported> ......
Does anyone know of a utility that I may be able to either recover some of the data on the drives, or an application that I can format the drives with ---- or are the drives "fried" to the point of no return??
One drive is a WD 120GB, the other is a Quantum Fireball 20GB ---The machine is a Beige G3 tower, upgraded with a G4 ZIF, USB and Firewire PCI cards, maxed out RAM ( three 256MB DIMMs ) .......


03-28-2003, 08:27 PM
Were the drives formatted before the fireworks? The best utility that I know of is from:

Click on this one....

Macintosh ExpressPro-Tools for SCSI & Fibre Channel v2.82 - (File Size 923KB) This utility can be used to configure the host adapter, create partitions, format partitions, and modify mode pages in Mac OS. A benchmark utility is also included.

Wait....trying to remember...does this work with ATA too, or just SCSI?

Gregory, what say you?

Give it a shot. Nothing to lose, and it is free.

03-28-2003, 08:28 PM
If you need help with it, post back. Plenty of folks here who use it.

Good Luck

03-28-2003, 08:49 PM
When using FW on a Beige, I assume you are running 9.1 or, better yet, 9.2.2. As for Apples HD Format utility I would hope you are using Drive Setup 2.07. Ideally, move the drives internally, run them off PCI IDE, and be done with FireWire <just kidding>!

Drive Setup (latest) usually works, but not all FW drive cases, and formatting them as IDE drives first, then place in FW case, works better. I don't think you can use ATTO utility though to format FW drive.

Only use Norton as a "last resort" after everything else, but start with DFA from Apple, then Disk Warrior. ATA PCI cards are nice and it would be a waste and shame to relegate a WD Caviar to FW.

You might want to look at replacing what sounds to be two PCI cards, one for USB and another for FW, with one, or with Sonnet Tempo Trio which offers both of those along with IDE support.

FW is NOT as good as Apple "suggests" and a quick search of MacFixiti or MacIntouch along with xlr8yourmac.com (using google) might instead point to FW ports getting fried and "hot plugging" drives to be more dangerous than led to believe.

Which leads to... Unrecognized. That may not be serious. But if ATTO doesn't and you don't own another disk utility AND you did try the latest Drive Setup (you may need to download the 9.2.2 update to extract it using Tomb Viewer or running the update) you could be in deep. I like to have a variety of driver software for unexpected problems, FWB, Intech HDST, ATTO, SoftRAID, APS or LaCie's SL Pro, to name a few. Oh, and OS X Disk Utility is great with most drives also.

OS 9.2.2 is better in its FW support, so I assume that is what you are already running, no?

- G.

03-28-2003, 11:01 PM
Gregory / newbie:

some info that I didn't present in my first post (but that you did assume, correctly) ... I am running OS 9.2.2 ......
the drives were originally formatted (( before the fireworks !! )) "inside" the Mac ... that is: attached to the IDE cable. My plan was to move most of the data on the current boot drive ( a 60GB drive ) onto the WD 120GB and then swap the two -- making the WD 120 my main drive (( I was planning to use the WD 120 as a Firewire/external drive only until I moved the data I wanted off of the current boot drive )) .
Other than Norton Utils ( which i kinda "built" for 9.2 by making a partion using Toast and copying the Norrton CD, then replacing the System folder on the Norton CD with a bare bones 9.2 System folder and burning a bootable CD from this partiton ) ... well, other than Norton, I have a copy of TechTool Pro V 3.0 -- which doesn't even recognize the "fried" drives.
I am using Apple Drive Setup v 2.0.7 -- and the drives were formatted internally before moving them to the external case.
I'll try downloading the ATTO utility suggested by newbie.... and let you know what my results are.
Thanks for the quick responses ....
... this site (MacGurus) rocks, as do those who post replies to people screaming for help ....


03-29-2003, 07:36 AM
With Norton, you want to be using 6.03, and for TTPro, the latest is 3.06 or something.

I would ditch the PCI FW card and hope that the PCI slot itself wasn't also torched! I would put the drive that you need on an IDE PCI. I still find SCSI when done right to offer robust and time-tested performance and reliability. No "8GB rule" or limitations, it just cost a tad more.

03-29-2003, 11:27 PM
-G- / newbie:

I've attached the "fried" drives as slave drives on Bus 0, right after the boot drive -- still not recognized by the system... nor by ATTO, TechTool Pro, Disk Warrior, LaCie's Silver Lining, nor by Apple's HD Formatting Utility ..... any suggestions? .... another utility?
I'm considering a data recovery specialist, although I'm not sure if it would be less expensive to purchase a new 120GB drive and just accept the loss of the data on the "fried" drives ....
Any other Gurus out there with a trick or two up their sleeves regarding data recovery and reformatting a "fried" HD ???
all comments, suggestions, observations, etc. are welcome .....