View Full Version : Reseach Ver B imac 233 Wake up sleep problems advice sought

12-29-2001, 08:53 AM
Hi, chaps,

I have been researching wake up sleep, and display problems on imac version B, 233, for four months now; I might say that I am learning a good deal.

I wish to receive the following advice.

Do you have an imac B 233 which has this problem?

What have you done about it?

What effects did this have?

What firmware are you running?

What display driver are you running?

Any ideas about or suggestions about the actual procecures to firmware downgrade, yes, it is possible, you upgrade eerom, you can downgrade eeroms! Just like Eprom! Kill the myth Apple!

Who's been in open firmware mode? Any tips on commands? Knowledge of what they do preferred?

Do you have wake up sleep problems, have you looked at hardware, when the Apple fellow turned up to swap the Analogue board, did he get back to you and explain what on the board was the problem.

Cuda, firmware battery frigs, yea valid input appreciated, but we 've all been there?

What about the version of Board under your imacs hood, are they one or two, ones have three fat connectors on the front most edge of the analogue board, two has these on the bottom edge, and the twain don't mix!

You have a later or earlier imac, A C DVD, and you get the same troubles? Think there could be a common source, yea, welcome your input!

Solutions unresolved, we tried this, but it did not work, yeas, chaps all that might help.

Anyone in despair like me, take heart, I 'm going to get there and when I do, theres going to be one mother of a fat Tech note online!

Other relavant information welcomed, you bought an imac B, and like me, you took the trouble to confirm that Apple made it easy to upgrade, like there screws and a board swap, so, two years on, you want a CD RW in the box, cos other computers that cost two bucks have got them, and your beautiful imac don't.

So you've had a go at fitting one yourself and with success. Maybe your the sort of chap like me that had a good gorp at the Freecom Traveller, and wondered if it would fit?, Maybe your in engineering for a company that fitted the beasts, to a B.

Cheers chaps,

David Christmass

12-30-2001, 02:10 AM
Hello There --

A company called FirmWorks has an Open Firmware reference manual. I discovered it researching Commands after learning about the reset command in this Forum. But be careful. http://www.firmworks.com/open_fw/liter/ofcmdref.txt

Good luck -- Randy

12-31-2001, 08:24 AM
Star reply,

Thanks a lot, I shall check it out right now; explore the problem further in this domain too.

Thanks Randy