View Full Version : ixMicro Ultimate Rez: incompatible with 9.2?

09-04-2001, 11:29 AM
After installing 9.2.1 on my G4/533MP (over a clean install of 9.1), I am having a problem on my second monitor, which is powered by an ixTwin Turbo Ultimate Rez. The problem is I get a system freeze anytime I access any drop-down menu in any program on that screen. All of the same programs work fine if I move their window over to my main screen, which is on the nVidea card.

I am using the exact same drivers, have trashed preference files, all the usual stuff. The problem shows up even when starting with the shift key down.

Dropping back to 9.1 gets rid of the problem.

Here is what the problem is NOT:

- a font issue;
- a conflict between the ix drivers and the Apple ix drivers;
- the 2.3 nVidia drivers, included with 9.2.1, which replace the 2.11 nVidia drivers from the last update;
- a carbonLib version issue;
- any driver turned off as a result of starting with the shift key.