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07-15-2001, 08:36 PM
Here's a new one...

I forced a reboot for the first time in weeks (machine would not wake from sleep during find by content indexing), and now my machine is hanging when it tries to load the desktop.

It'll boot fine extensions off. It'll get to the keychain access screen to try to access my server with extrensions on. Once I type the PW, and hit enter, all is frozen. I can see my boot volume icon, but not any other drives. If I force thew Finder to quit, it'll come back with all volumes, and work normally, save for File Sharing.

If I try to activate File Sharing, or open the control panel, it locks up hard. DFA, DW, NUM, and Tech Tool agree everything is as it should be on the volumes, I have rebuilt all desktops, and replaced the File Sharing components (File Sharing Extension, File Sharing Lib, and associated prefs). I have done a dirty System Install, and the problem persisits.

Any thoughts before I do a clean install?

07-15-2001, 10:41 PM
I would trash any prefs related to appletalk, file sharing and networking. I've had this problem before, but the system had about 6 drives in it. Not exactly sure what I did.

I bet something is corrupt.

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