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06-20-2001, 12:34 AM
System Info:
Beige G3
Rev A
OS 9.1
412 MB Ram
30 Gig Western Digital Drive
Initio 9090U SCSI card
Internal 500 MB Quantum Drive
Rage Pro 128 Video card
Second moniter running off the built in ATY 64 Mach
Adara scanner (The Problem)
Zip Drive
Ricoh CD R/RW Burner

Before I installed the Miles Bluenote the scanner was not a problem. I tried to hookup the Quantum drive to the built in SCSI connection on the motherboard with no luck. Bought the SCSI card thinking I could just run everything through it. The internal drive works fine, but nothing on the external hook up would work. After I Rehooked all external devices to the built in bus, the zip and burner came back, but still no scanner. With the Bluenote removed the scanner is fine.
I have tried physically terminating the card and used the various termination set ups in the Bluenote SmartSCSI application with no luck. I have the most updated drivers I can find for the Card and the scanner. I tried the twain aquire in a couple of other programs with no luck.
1. Does the card cut off the built in SCSI?
2. If so why do the zip and cdr/rw still work?
3. If Apple System profiler, SCSI probe, and Twain select in photoshop 5.5 all see the scanner....
4. I believe Microtek has bought Adara, and I can not get any help out of them.
5. I hope I do not have to pull the card any time I need to scan or buy a new scanner..

Let me know if I have let anything out or overlooked the obvious.


06-20-2001, 01:35 AM
1) No.
2) They work because they are on another SCSI bus
3) Then its there?
4) This is the PC reality
5) New scanners are cheap

The BlueNote is an UltraNarrow SCSI card. You would probably be better off connecting the Scanner to your stock SCSI bus and your HD to the BlueNote.

Are you trying to use both the internal AND external connectors off the BNote?

SCSI Scanners are nutorious for not being terminated correctly. Only the LAST device in the chain needs to be terminated. Make sure the cabling, termination and SCSI IDs are good. Normally if a SCSI bus is being used for both internal and external devices - BOTH ends need to be terminated. The card should unterminate itself.

Not sure what you would do with a 500MB drive.

06-20-2001, 11:55 PM
Do have all the parameters set properly in BlueNote SmartSCSI v1.05 software? And, does the top of the window of that app read Firmware v 2.11?

You must set the Target Device Synch Speeds properly. A Scanner will probably not synch faster than 5 or 10 MB/s. Same for an old 500 MB Quantum which is very slow. You could also be having problems with the external port adapter if you are using one.

Yes, the scanner would be best used on the external, built-in port.

06-21-2001, 12:17 AM
The version is 3.00. The max synchronous transfer is set to 10.0, Asynchronous Transfer is unchecked, Disconnect Enable is checked. Termination set up is set to automatic. SCSI parity check enable is checked. I have tried with different cables and adapters with no luck. When I set MST to 5.0 I Still get the no scanner installed message.

06-21-2001, 12:43 PM
I don't know v 3.00 unless it's the new beta for OS X. Everyone I know uses v 2.11. That could be the problem. Will the card flash back to 2.11? You may need to ask Initio what's going on. Did the card come with v 3.00?

The link is dead to the OS X firmware download on Initios site.

Be sure that the proper target (ID) is chosen when setting to 5. I think a restart is then required.

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