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03-24-2001, 06:14 PM
I was given a set of soundsticks (by my girlfriend). I set them up and plugged them into the USB card on my 7500. No Sound! Nothing. They work fine when I plug them into her iBook, but they just won't produce any sound in my 7500.

Is there some piece of software I'm missing or do the soundsticks only work on newer machines?

--Soundless in Orlando

03-24-2001, 08:21 PM
I have myself heard that they do not, in fact, work with Macs not equipped with USB at the factory. I can't figure out where I got that from, maybe MacFixIt.

This is one of the reasons why I'm still not an all-out apostle of USB. To my reckoning, it doesn't make any sense that devices that function on built-in USB ports don't work on all USB ports. I'm always catching myself wondering whether some cool device I'm looking at in a catalog would work with my XLR8 DualPort when the product descrip squeals "Compatible with PowerMac G3, G4, iMac and iBook!" like it's some kind of cool extra feature.

Only other thing I can think of is possibly your USB drivers. I'm not aware what version they're up to; do you know if yours are they up-to-date?

03-25-2001, 07:05 PM
I have the latest Apple drivers installed: 1.4.1... I even installed the Audio Extension from the Multimedia Update 1.0 (which I had to extract with Tome Viewer).

I'll search MacFixit to see if there is any mention there...


03-26-2001, 09:54 PM
Well, installing OS9.1 fixes the problem somewhat.

System sounds and .mp3's seem to be going through the Soundsticks ok. However, CD Audio only plays through the built-in speaker.

It's weird because if I cause a system sound to occur while a CD is playing, the soundsticks play the sound, just not the CD. I don't have any .mp3 CDs so I can't test to see if it's just a problem with regular CD Audio.

Anyone have any suggestions on getting Audio CDs to play?

03-27-2001, 12:14 AM
InTech CD/DVD SpeedTools 5.6 and 5.7 have added a digital sound choice (no audio cable required from CD). The sound is picked up from the data cable. That's the way the new Macs work. Might work for you. Free trial on our main site.

03-30-2001, 09:58 AM
No luck with Speedtools, and no luck on Macfixit. Oh well, it looks like these Soundsticks will go back in the box for now... at least until my next scheduled computer purchase this fall (single processor 533... cuz I can't afford the big stuff, and I don't enough work at home to warrant anything faster.)

thanks for the tips...

03-31-2001, 08:27 PM
I think there is a special extension.....or a library...something, that installs only on New World machines, and enables compatibility with those speakers. It's the same sort of thing you see with the new keyboard and mouse.

06-08-2001, 01:02 AM
Has anyone figured this one out? I want to use sound sticks with an S900 that has a USB card, but so far, no go. Any idea what library would enable those suckers???

06-08-2001, 07:55 AM
I never could find a solution... I'm sure one exists out there somewhere... but I'm OK with my old Yamaha speakers for now... Like I said, when I upgrade again this fall (maybe later cuz i just bought a house) I'll make sure to get at least B&W...

06-08-2001, 09:50 AM
According to Apple:
Note: Older G3's and the first generation of Power Mac G4's with hardware-based DVDs running DVD 1.3 software will not work with SoundSticks. The SoundSticks require newer, software-based DVD's running DVD 2.x.

According to Harman Kardon:
All iMac models
All iBook models
G3 350 MHz and later
All Power Mac G4 models
PowerBook 333 MHz and later
Mac OS 9.0.4 or later is required.

See here http://www.harman-multimedia.com/phase_II/html/hsticks_spec.html k

06-08-2001, 11:19 AM
I was encouraged by what I found in the XLR8 archives (http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/archives/feb01/020901.html). There is a guy there who claims to have his sound sticks working with a 7500. i sent an e-mail to Mike Bredeen so I'll see if I can get in contact with the guy with the sound sticks.