View Full Version : Upgrading 1.2GB HD in 7600 with LVD 18.2 GB Cheetah

05-04-2001, 11:33 AM
I need some serious help on this. Obviously new to macs. In an effort to upgrade the 1.2 GB HD of my 7600, I just bought a 18.2 GB Cheetah Drive from Seagate - ST118202LW. This is a 68 pin drive. The current HD on the 7600 is hooked through a 50 Pin cable. So I also bought a 50-68 pin Male to male adapter. When I connected the drive to existing 50 Pin SCSI HD cable, the computer did not recognize the drive....just does not show up on Drive Setup utility. Need help to setUp the drive. Besides the drive seems to spin and hum uncannily. Is this because the drive is incompatible with the existing power supply of the 7600. It could be also because of the high speed of the drive - 10,000 rpm. Could anyone give some step by step advice on setting up this drive on my Powermac 7600....be really grateful. Thanks

05-04-2001, 04:55 PM
You have double posted this topic. See your other post on this, and pleeeaase do not post a topic twice. k