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02-26-2001, 03:52 AM
Hey all,

My 7500 with carrier card and a G3/333 has suddenly come up lame. When booting off of the HD it'll crash w/o a message, usually within 5 minutes (even if idle). The system had been running fine for just about a year.

After weeks of swapping RAM, removing disks, reordering PCI cards and generally yanking out everything I noticed a 'crimp' in the power hook-up to the CD (may have broken insulation slightly) and, fearing the worst, assumed some kind of short. Fortunately I had an extra 7500 laying around and grabbed the parts from the working one to put into the fresh board. I backed-up and blanked the drives and reinstalled the OS fresh with no other apps/3rd party stuff installed aside from the XLR8 stuff and the Voodoo drivers (which have been stable in that and other rigs). No change.

I have a MilesU2W, Voodoo3 and USB card in the PCI slots (Miles in the mastering slot, I believe... 3 right? closest to CPU slot?). 256 MB of RAM (mixed 60 and 70ns... though an 'all 60' setup didn't help). A 4GB Barracuda replaced the original drive and I added a 9GB LVD Barracuda as well (no help removing that card/drive either). The CD is a Plextor.

My question is, any ideas where to go next? I've been thinking about getting a new ZIF and some fresh RAM from the good gurus, though I'd like to avoid getting both if I could-- and I'd hate to get one and find out the other is messed up (or something I havn't thought of yet). Unfortunately I can't find either the original 601 or the 604/132 I replaced it with to try going backwards.

Sorry for the long flood of info for an odd problem. Any info/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

-- Keeya

02-27-2001, 01:34 AM
sounds like you swapped everything but the daughtercard, right?

you need to talk to Darin to get your board exchanged. His email address is dames@xlr8.com. We'll send up the bat signal, too.

hang in there!


04-07-2001, 03:59 PM
ok dunno if u've fixed it but what about cooling? is your machine simply gettin too hot! check your fan is still working
just an idea had a similar prob with my 8100

04-09-2001, 10:39 AM
Actually, I think I have it figured out. After switching in and out the RAM, one DIMM at a time, and testing I found that most of the RAM that was in the original box (with the power cable crimp) was toast. Just to be safe I put either new DIMMs or RAM from other boxes in the 'new' box (with fresh logic board and undamaged power cords). No problems after runing PowerFrax in the background and PowerControl's memory test for 24 hours.

Another lesson for me: be careful how you put your box back together after ripping it apart. Cost me ~224MB of RAM this time. Oops. At least the PCI cards, CPU and VRAM appear to all be OK. For now.


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04-13-2001, 01:55 AM