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02-05-2001, 06:00 PM
Alsoft announced the 2.1 release about 9 Jan. I ordered right away. They said 2-3 weeks and I still don't have one. Does anyone have it yet? I've seen no mention of it on the forums.

I just called and they said mine was mailed 30 Jan.

02-07-2001, 02:10 AM
Great product but $30 is too much to pay for a minor tweak don't you think.

02-07-2001, 01:41 PM
I agree. Reminds me of FWB. But Louie emailed me that there are two new functions of DW which seem to be more than a minor tweak. I'll let him describe them. Oh, and it boots OS9.0.4. k

02-07-2001, 04:32 PM
I finally got mine yesterday after waiting three weeks. I stuck it in my one year old Apple 24X SCSI player and the player broke! I doubt that I can blame that on Alsoft but now I'm back to my 40X Toshiba which is noisey and slow to spin up.

Anyway; I had been using the new NUM 6 for about two weeks and following it up with DW 2.0. It had been only three days since I had done the whole maintenance thing on all my drives when I tried the DW 2.1 for the first time. No problems had been reported earlier.

First thing that I noticed was that it has two extra steps. These are for comparing the new directories that it just built with your old directories; a nice feature.

It also works with OS X pb.

It scared me by finding "Bad Root creation dates" on both of my drives with 9.04 on them including my RAID 0. Even more scary was that it found "Damaged Boot Blocks" (or was it "Boot Block Errors"?) on my two drives running 8.6. However it fixed all this.

Next I went back and ran NUM 6 on all the drives. It found no problems.

After NUM, I ran the new DW again. This time it found "Damaged Boot Blocks" again on the two OS 8.6 drives and fixed them again. The Root creation dates were not reported again.

Back to NUM; no problems.

Back to DW 2.1; no problems.

Conclusion: who knows? Is this another case of utilities not agreeing with each other; is NUM making problems; or is DW 2.1 a miracle worker?

I'm going to run these often for a while, watch the results very closely, and report again.

Oh, and as Kaye says, it boots 7.6 thru OS X pb. I had forgotten that 2.0 didn't boot 9.04. I usually boot from NUM and run DW from a floppy (yes, it still fits).

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02-07-2001, 04:43 PM
Hey Louie,
I 'd put my money on DW, I don't trust Norton and sometimes it does more bad than good. Ordered my copy of DW 2.1 also just after 9 january. Still didn'd receive anything...
Does your emergency CD have OS 9.04 or 9.1. on it?
Cheers Ton

02-07-2001, 08:45 PM
It has 7.6.1, 8.1, 9.04 and OS X pb on it.

I just discovered another new trick that it does; if you have a disk that is so bad that it freezes the machine when it mounts, you can hold down the "d" key right after the "c" is no longer needed (boot from CD is assured) and you can tell it not to mount the disk(s). It won't mount the disk but DW can still see it and repair it. Cool enough.

02-07-2001, 11:28 PM
that last feature is major.

best damned utility on the market.

02-08-2001, 01:36 AM
It is a great product. But it isn't fair to compare it head up to other utes like Norton or TechTool. There is overlap in function but all do different things and do different things well. TechTool rebuilt directories AND showed you the comparison changes before this version of DW. I use 'em all.

L: I think that 'boot block' deal is simply the same bug in the HFS wrapper system file that Disk First Aid 8.6 fixes if your drive was formatted under an earlier system than OS 9.1. No biggie.

02-08-2001, 04:38 PM
It may be the same bug, but I had already run DFA 8.6 and fixed that.

02-09-2001, 12:37 AM
Maybe it fixed it back......just kidding. I read somewhere that it will fix that same bug.

John Haines
03-02-2001, 12:28 PM
I just received the DiskWarrior v 2.1 CD. Do you still recommend not using the extension? What about the PlusOptimizer? Curiously, the readme says to use the serial number in the email they sent me. Problem is they never sent me an email. There is a serial number on the CD but it is the same as on the old (v1.1). Guess I'll have to call them.

03-02-2001, 05:22 PM
You use the old S/N. Somehow they gave you the same one as before. Mine too. Don't use the Extension. I don't use Plus Optimizer because I tried it once and I thought I would rot in my socks before it finished. Some love it.

03-02-2001, 06:01 PM
Jeez, another reason not to use Plus Optimizer. I got lots of socks, but...

Still waiting for my 2.1 CD. k

03-02-2001, 06:02 PM
oddly enough the plus optimizer works well for me. it's a little slow but optimizing a large HD is time consuming. gathering all those files and connecting them together tnem rewriting them. pretty complicated. funny thing is that the alsoft's optimizer does a different job than norton's. i actually prefer norton. after you've optimized, you'll need to run disk warrior again because some of your directories won't match.

03-02-2001, 06:52 PM
Yeah, I remember that now, it's a bit wonky. I use Speed Disk.

03-02-2001, 08:06 PM
Exactly, Michael. PO defragments but crushes everything together paying no heed to the type of file. Speed Disk organizes by type of file.

Interesting that when I first got Disk Optimizer as a freebie from Alsoft, I was still running OS8.0 and Alsoft's DiskExpress Pro, I think it was called, which did a superb job, even better than Speed Disk, because it would organize the system folder by your actual load order, so the drive head was not dancing around. So I tried PO, then went back to DEP and it was very angry about the way PO had crush optimized. k

03-02-2001, 09:03 PM
I still use DW because it just makes sense,but Alsoft really, really blew it with me when they sold a new version of DiskExpress Pro which was incompatible with HFS+ and then OS 9.0 without saying a thing about it. Except to check back for a promised fully functional product. That was over 2 1/2 years ago----still waiting. That blows! It wasn't cheap. Here's the current state of affairs (mind you, this is more than 2 1/2 years later): www.alsoft.com/DiskExpress/support.html (http://www.alsoft.com/DiskExpress/support.html)

03-02-2001, 09:18 PM
My feelings exactly. k

03-03-2001, 02:55 AM
I think all you guys are nuts even using optimization utilities.

John Haines
03-03-2001, 01:39 PM
I guess I have to check these forums more often. When you shipped me my machine, you were recommending against Norton Speed Disk (for my BootRAID). Are you saying now that it's ok to use (I have v. 5.0.3)? I still have only about 6GB on my 72GB RAID volume so optimization is not even close to being a necessity, but I like to keep the fragmentation to a minimum. Besides, I always liked to watch the NUM Speed Disk go through it's optimization routine - sort of reassuring to see all those files being arranged.

Anyway, I guess the consensus is that since DW 1.1 works ok, there are no overwhelming reasons to switch to 2.1?

Incidentally, I spoke to someone at Alsoft who said to use the old SN. They actually go to the trouble to burn a new, custom CD for each user who upgrades, with the SN printed on it, so they don't have to change the old SN. That's why it takes them so long to fill upgrade orders. Bizarre...

03-03-2001, 02:09 PM

I just got my DiskWarrior CD and noticed the old serial number on it too. No wonder it takes so long. I think there are some compelling reasons to upgrade, particularly for newer OS versions, and read thru Louie's comments about the new features.

I hesitate to recommend Speed Disk when magician does not. You will need to upgrade Norton for later OS. If you have never run Speed Disk on a striped RAID, don't leave for coffee. It is an incredibly fast thing to watch. But first disable the Verify Media in Options on the Menu Bar.

Before I do Speed Disk, I do things in this order:
DiskWarrior, Norton Disk Doctor, Apple Disk First Aid, Speed Disk, DiskWarrior again. My 2 k

03-03-2001, 07:40 PM
I tried DW on one of my removable SyQuest 270MB cartridges. Worked just fine. And everything on the cartridge was accessable afterwards. I have some SyJet 1.5GB cartridges, but at $50 a pop, decided not to try them first. But DW works on them too. k

03-04-2001, 04:48 AM
I think we simply have a difference of opinion. One reason I do not endorse optimization utilities is because I have seen so many cases where nice people lost data, even whole partitions. The safe, most fool-proof way to optimize is to backup, reinitialize, then restore. Obviously, that assumes that you have more than one drive.

A good compromise would be to always caution that if you do optimize, ensure that you have a known-good backup, in the event anything goes awry.