View Full Version : Grey screen, no disk icon on Lombard PB G3

02-08-2001, 04:50 PM
Real newbie to this site (but I'll be back. Often.), and a perusal of past threads hasn't revealed this problem mentioned before. We had (sob!) a G3 PB Lombard plugging in a Newer Tech docking station with an Agfa Arcus II scanner into the SCSI port of the docking station. Over the past weekend, both the scanner and the PB went belly up.
The scanner freezes up any machine I've tried it with, (changed cables, terminators, etc) and the PB gives a grey screen with no disc icon, is unable to boot from CD, and zapping PRAM or trying extensions off does squat.
It alledgely has a fried logic board, says Apple, or maybe a bad processor. My questions are:

1. What could have caused this? All the other comps here work great, and both the PB and the scanner were plugged in good surge protectors (incl phone lines).

2. Apple quoted $1100 to repair the PB's logic board. Are there any good alternatives? The local branch of a national chain quoted us $2000 (!) for this repair.