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02-06-2001, 12:16 PM
I have a Starmax 5500 and its hard drive died without warning. The drive is a Seagate 1.5G IDE. Saturday night it was just fine. Sunday morning on boot up it give an unmistakeable click every 4 secs. I used both Norton disk doctor and Disk First Aid from OEM software but the drive is not even recognized, (and therefore not repairable?)

Should I replace the original with a used HD or a new one? If I replace the original with a used HD do I need to use the same brand? I have always seen Quantum and Seagate in Macs.)

Next, I tried a used Western Digital 1G IDE hard drive (which I later read is a junk hard drive.) I plugged it in. It spins but I can't mount it. What do I have to do to mount and/or format the drive so that the machine recognizes it? Is it possible (or wise)to use this drive? I have HD Tool Kit but the drive doesn't appear when the bus is scanned.

02-06-2001, 07:20 PM
The clicking is indeed bad. I am not sure of the exact cause, but in my only case getting a drive to do that, the heads were locked and couldn't move (click.....click.....click....) and that means you are toast. A data recovery specialist might be able to help, but unless it is very precious data it will not be worth the $$. A new IDE drive is DIRT cheap. Get a new one. Any brand (almost) will do. Seagate makes a killer set of ATA (IDE, etc) drives. And we all support Seagate almost exclusively here. Maxtor's ATA drives are also very reliable. Search the forums for relevant threads. I am sure they are here.

With any drive, you will have to boot off the most recent OS CD you have and initialize it. A good test would be to do a low-level format and zero all data. This is a barrage of stringent formatting that will ensure the drive is 100% OK and free of all data. FWB software is dicey at best. There are a ton of drives that it doesn't support. Try using a genuine MacOS CD and see what happens. Make sure the jumpers (little plastic "caps" over parallel pins on the drive) are set OK for what you will need. If you need more help, there is more to come. Just let us know exactly what drive you have and we can go from there. Check the Mfg'r website for drive configuration info, too. It should help you a lot.

02-06-2001, 08:01 PM
I would concur with DogStarMan's commentary - I had a dual boot WinNT/Linux Dell PWS 210 workstation. It came with a Western Digital IDE drive - I installed a spare Fujitsu drive onto which Linux was installed. It was running Linux one day and when I came in the next day - all I heard was the "click, click, click" - Linux worked great but I thought - let's reboot - well - that was a mistake. The original boot drive had died and this was < 2 weeks after delivery [and on a weekend to boot). Called up Dell and had them listen to it over the phone - "Yup - it's toast" - they shipped out a 20 GB Fujitsu drive the next day...


02-07-2001, 12:45 AM
you probably just need to use a later revision of Drive Setup to initialize your replacement drive. That, or a late revision of HD SpeedTools from Intech.

the HD Toolkit drivers haven't been what they used to be for about a year now, and it is likely that you are trying to use an older revision that doesn't support IDE.

we did get the IDE pages up, so check out the front page under Storage Acceleration and check them out for drive pricing and other stuff.


02-07-2001, 04:46 PM
I don't think you ever said which OS you're using but try one of the later Apple Drive Setup version from our FTP site; at least v1.7.3 for OS 8.6. v1.9.2 for OS 9.04 and v2.0.3 for 9.1.