View Full Version : Rev. b or c rom chip

01-24-2001, 02:53 PM
Does anyone know where to find a rev. "b" or "c" rom chip for a beige g3 mac? I could only find one seller for this item and he wanted $175.00.
That's out! Without this chip, I can only hook one ide drive per channel and cannot upgrade the processor.

jeff walther
01-24-2001, 04:59 PM
OWC had them, but word is that they have been out for a month or so. You will probably only be able to get one through the used market. You'd think there would be someone out there with a dead motherboard selling off the remains...

What I usually do when I want a hard to find part like this is post to the news groups. In this case you would post to comp.sys.mac.wanted and misc.forsale.computers.mac-specific.xxxx (the xxxx represents that there are several groups in that heirarchy and I can't remember the specific one(s) that you would want).

Post a Subject line that reads something like: WTB: Rev. B/C ROM for Beige G3, $35. Of course you adjust that last bit to whatever you would like to spend. You can leave the price off, but I find I get better results if I put that in.

Then in the body use some complete sentences and explain what you want and any terms, e.g. you'll pay shipping etc. Be sure to use your correct e-mail address in the reply to field. If you spam proof your address most people won't bother to de-spoof it just to email you.