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John Haines
12-28-2000, 02:42 AM
Gurus - Last year, when you upgraded my PTP, you installed 2 Cheetas in a RAID Array and 2 Barracudas. You also installed 2 mini-cooling fan units (2 fans each) for these drives, visible on the front of the tower. These have always been on the noisy side, so within a week of receiving ithe computer from your shop I completely removed the front plastic perforated bezels which were vibrating terribly. This helped reduce most of the racket, at least to tolerable levels.

Recently however, these fan units have started again to make vibration noises - quite loud, sometimes like a blender, sometimes like a coffee grinder. Pressing down on the units helps a bit, depending on where I apply pressure, but as soon as I release the pressure the noise starts again and of course I have other things to do with my fingers (like typing this post). I recall you mentioning at the time that you had some difficulty in mounting the fans (they seem to be attached only on their left side) and I am wondering if in the interim you might have found a better unit, or some other solution.


12-28-2000, 05:32 AM
we have indeed found better units, John. You should be able to replace your current units with Ultimate HD Coolers (http://www.macgurus.com/beta/showrampage.cgi?coolingdevices.html). They work well in the PTP, and the fans are superior.

you can probably quiet your current fans down by blowing them out with a can of compressed air (make sure you remove the filters and clean them under warm running water), and squirting a small amount of silicon lube on the fan axis.

definitely check the screws holding the units in place...sometimes a half-turn either way will make a difference. Fitting those bezel units into a PTP can be a problem, so by all means look carefully at what you are doing before you leap. It's all commonsense.

John Haines
12-29-2000, 12:58 AM
magician - Since posting my first message I did the compressed air trick and washed the filters (I do this from time to time anyway). It helped a bit but I think the real problem is the way you originally had to mount these units (attached only on the left side). Do the Ultimate HD Coolers fit better and is installing them a reasonably easy procedure?

I've read your page on these coolers but don't know which drives the fans are cooling - the twin 36 GB Cheetas (RAID) or the 50 GB Barracudas. Perhaps you remember.


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12-29-2000, 01:35 AM
john...it's been too long, and I do not recall which drives are where inside your machine.

my feeling is that the Ult HD Coolers are superior units, but they can require some wrestling to get into position, particularly in the PTP. I think I would prefer to have Louie and K reply to this part of your question, as they have had their hands inside a PTP very recently, while it has been awhile for me (been building arrays).

there really is no way to screw front bezels into position on the right-hand side of the PTP case, as it uses those annoying rails. Did you try tightening and loosening the screws? Look carefully at the units, and press on them while they are running. If you somehow wedge them with something, will that reduce vibration and hence this noise? If so, look around for something to use as a wedge. Use your imagination.

did you hit the fan shafts with a little silicon lube? You can get it at Radio Shack, or any good hardware store.

good luck!

how's your machine otherwise? If memory serves (and it has been a long time), it was one of the fastest machines we have ever built here. We liked it a lot.


12-29-2000, 03:15 AM

If you find that the procedures that magician recommends don't fully improve the situation and you still want the Ultimate HD Coolers, I can tell you that they are the best coolers I have ever installed in any machine. I have one in an S900 and three in a PTP. That said, they are, like many coolers, a task to install in the PTP.

If you want them, let us know, and we need to know what bays they will go in. The front four 5.25" bays in the PTP start with bay 1 at the top, normally occupied by a CD-ROM drive. Tell us which 5.25" bays your drives are in.

Are any of the drives in another bay, such as immediately above the floppy drive or in the internal RAID box? k

12-29-2000, 08:16 AM
i have a pair of the coolers in my ptp in slots 3&4 cooling a pair of cheetahs...they yook me about an hour to install, while its not a total slide it in type deal, i had no help or instruction and i managed to devise a way to get them in with no problem, and not having the side rails didn't seem to affect anything...i used the tensioning screws as a way to build my own leveling guides..the fans are super quite and in fact i have been contemplating asking louie or kaye if i can eliminate any of the oem PTP fans as THEY are a little loud for my tastes.

John Haines
12-29-2000, 04:20 PM
OK: I shut down, disconnected all the wires, pulled the machine out from between the desk and file cabinets with scanner and printer on them, removed the side and front panels and...

There are 2 screws that seem to hold the 2 fan units in place (on the left side). I loosened but didn't completely remove them (didn't know if there might be two hidden nuts that could fall out and disappear into the works forever)and then tightened them again. I then cleaned out the entire machine with a soft brush, compressed air, and vacuum cleaner as best I could (dust can breed a lot of offspring in a year!).

As for lubricating the fan shafts, they are not visible from either the front or side - without removing the units - and as I recall you commenting about the difficulties you had packing all this stuff in my PTP enclosure a year ago I am loathe to even attempt it. I was unable to see any identification on the drives behind the fans but in the PTP RAID rack near the back of the enclosure there are 2 drives, one of which I was able to identify as a Barracuda so I presume the drives behind the fans are Cheetahs.

Anyway, I then closed up the box, reconnected all the wires, and started up: Ha! - much quieter. But if I now press on the fan housings the noise increases so I am inclined, at least for the moment, to let these sleeping dogs lie.

magician - the machine is indeed fast and with few exceptions has run wonderfully since you performed your surgery last century.

BTW, with my last post (Norton, Norton...), everytime someone there made a reply, I was notified by email. This time nothing.


12-29-2000, 07:43 PM

It would make sense that magician installed the Cheetahs behind the fans and the Barracudas in the PTP RAID enclosure.

Loosening those two screws will not cause two nuts to fall, but I too would let sleeping dogs lie. If you cleaned it up and stopped the noise, OK. Perhaps a small piece of rubber wedged somewhere would prevent vibration when you press on the front.

Anyway, sounds like you are set for now. k

John Haines
12-29-2000, 10:16 PM
kaye - Thanks, that sounds like the best course of (in)action. But what happened to the email notification of a reply to my post? You guys don't do that anymore?
Happy new year! May all your drives be pleasant... and fast.

12-30-2000, 12:48 AM
john, that's a feature in the UBB software which runs the web board here.

we certainly don't do it manually! (shudder)


the way it works, you can select it as an option when YOU create a topic on one of the forums. If you simply reply to a topic, joining a thread started by someone else, this option is not available. It is only available to the person who started the topic thread.

John Haines
12-31-2000, 03:27 AM
Sorry, I see the checkbox in the new post form. I didn't notice it when I started this thread but must have checked it last time. Thanks.